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  1. Thrashtan

    Holy Matrimony: LIVE

    I was wondering if/when this episode would be posted? I went to the show in San Francisco in January and the episode still hasn't been uploaded. It's not usually this long between a show and an episode being posted, right? Hope that something didn't go wrong and it won't be released. It was a really great show.
  2. Thrashtan

    The Skateboard Kid (1993)

    https://youtu.be/YnLoNd1t7o4 I'll let this trailer speak for itself. I know the sequel was already suggested but the original had not been yet. One of my all time favorite terrible films.
  3. Thrashtan

    Episode 182 - Rock Star: LIVE!

    Another interesting tidbit about Rockstar is, as previously stated in the episode, the film was loosely based on the replacing of Rob Halford in the band Judas Priest with Ripper Owens when Halford quit the band and according to the wikipedia page of the film there is a quote from the bassist of judas priest Ian Hill about the film which says, "When Judas Priest bassist Ian Hill was asked about his reaction to Rock Star in an interview in PopMatters magazine Hill responded "Well, it was a true work of fiction, you know? When we heard about the production company were going to make a movie based, as far as we knew, about Ripper joining the band we offered our help. We said 'If there's anything you want to know, talk to us at the time.' And certainly our communication was cut off and that was it and they went off on their own tangent." Hill added "I mean, I quite enjoyed the movie. It was entertaining, you know?" Hill was quoted as saying "It had nothing to do with Rob Halford, Ripper Owens and Judas Priest, it's got nothing to do with that, whatsoever. It was fiction. Apart from the fact that 'Local Boy Makes Good'? That was the only true aspect of the movie." Hill was quick to add "I watched it once. I don't have the urge to watch it again." It would seem that this film could have been actually interesting had they gone the more historical biographical route and actually told the story of Judas Priest, but instead they opted to go with the insane nonsensical story that they thought was somehow better. Just another case of Hollywood having a more interesting story that could have easily been told, but instead choosing one that fails to capture the interest of anyone whatsoever.
  4. Thrashtan

    Episode 182 - Rock Star: LIVE!

    In the podcast I noticed there was a tiny verbal slip of Paul calling the band steel dragon “steel panther” which is a real and quite popular 80s style hair metal band that performs hilarious songs in that style. What’s funny about you mentioning that band is that the lead singer of steel panther (Ralph Saenz) actually appears in this film. To quote his Wikipedia page, “Saenz appeared briefly in the 2001 film Rock Star, seen in the glass booth auditioning when Mark Wahlberg's and Jennifer Aniston's characters walk into the audition. He glares at the two before Wahlberg's character takes his turn to audition.” Just a funny little meta connection I noticed between the film and your discussion on the podcast. Love u guys, and keep on rocking in the free world.