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  1. Inspired partially by Northlane's use of Terence McKenna on Singularity.
  2. Oooh and it's social commentary...so edgy. https://soundcloud.c...d/pavlovs-plugs You say baby too I said her eyes met mine across time and we opened up the plug bag and we heard all about what's been going on inside the world of content sponsored by subscriptions to pre-packaged meals and website tools and mattresses and friends who also crank out more free content for a generation of entitled, self-absorbed, ungrateful shitheads with unbridled Pavlov's dog-like lust for the next bell or pop or red dot just as long as something new comes out the pipe to kill their existential dread.
  3. Keep 'em short so that ol' Khaki Dockerman doesn't get too antsy. https://soundcloud.com/neilreid/lay-waste-to-the-plugs
  4. A lacey anthem for the hallowed Plug: https://soundcloud.com/neilreid/lace-plugs-cbb-plug-song