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  1. Roonami

    The VelociPastor (2017)

    VFX: Car on fire
  2. Roonami

    The VelociPastor (2017)

    Co-signed. Watched this one recently after a friend's recommendation. For only a 70-ish minute movie they sure do pack in plenty to talk about for the show. This movie basically spoofs The Boondock Saints. The fight scenes and "special effects" ... I can't describe the badness. Unbelievably corny, low-brow and low production but the movie is also very self-aware. It's free right now on Prime.
  3. Roonami

    Christmas Evil (1980)

    YES! I'm surprised this hasn't been suggested before, I figured this show's audience is familiar with it. The whole movie is quite ludicrious, but the ending. Oh man. The ending is absolutely legendary. Please pick this movie for this year's Christmas episode.
  4. Roonami

    The Prince (2014)

    He's in like 6 total minutes. How long do you think they needed him -- 2 days?
  5. Imagine the plot of Taken --- but make the movie slower, the actors sound sleepy, and Jason Patric instead of Liam Neeson ... you get the idea. A very laughable action movie that I'm only suggesting because it's currently on Netflix so you don't have to pay to watch it. It is oddly amusing to see how hard Bruce Willis can not care when taking on a leading role. Shoot-em-up scenes so predictable it's like watching a guy in a video game just waltz in, take a few guys down, then continue on his stroll. The best acting performance here comes via 50 Cent. Not to disrespect him and his abilities, but he shouldn't be the best here. It's a shame he only gets 2-3 minutes in the movie.
  6. Roonami

    Problem Child (1990)

    This clip alone is worth it.
  7. Roonami

    Evolution (2001)

    I saw this twice in the theaters and I remember liking it at the time, as a dumb but enjoyable movie, but I'm sure it hasn't aged well. At the very least I got a year of referencing Orlando Jones's answer for what flavor of ice cream he wants.
  8. Roonami

    No Escape (1994)

    Ray Liotta is a Marine, serving a life sentence for killing his commanding officer, and keeps causing trouble by escaping maximum security prisons, so he is delivered to a deserted island prison. Naturally he tries to escape but ends up caught in a war between two island gangs. The movie takes place in 2022, in a futuristic society where corporations run prisons (nailed it) and they can scan and track prisoners anywhere on the plan it (basically nailed it). Also in the beginning when they explain Ray Liotta's incident with his commanding officer, it happened during an armed conflict in Benghazi in 2011! A pretty decent action movie for its time, but definitely has its logic flaws that are ripe for picking for this show. Why is the island, seemingly stuck in the dark ages, capable of manufacturing high tech rocket launchers and satellite-proof boats? Why is the gang that captures Ray Liotta so fascinated by his ability to kill a person (he was sent to the island for a reason)? Movie might be kinda hard to get. It's not on Netflix, YouTube rentals or Prime, and the DVD on Amazon is still going for $20. I recommend this movie but don't know if I recommend it at $20. There's a full version of it on YouTube but it may not last for long. Trailer:
  9. Roonami

    Basic (2003)

    This was in theaters when I was in high school, and my buddies and I went to see it twice. Maybe even a third time? It was a cheap thrill but I also knew not to really look at it with a critical eye. I remember thinking Travolta was kinda holding back but Sammy L. was very Sammy L. so it was still fun.
  10. Roonami

    Firestorm (1998)

    I hear Seinfeld loves this movie.
  11. Roonami

    Clifford (1994)

    The 90s man, when you could tamper with an airplane in flight and not get arrested.
  12. Roonami

    Clifford (1994)

    We should be so lucky to have seen this movie, considering it almost didn't get released because the production company was almost bankrupt when the movie was shot (it did go bankrupt 5 years after this movie was released)
  13. Roonami

    The Village (2004)

    An actual scene where Marky Mark holds up his kids after class just to say "nevermind."
  14. Roonami

    Small Soldiers (1998)

    Saw this movie as a teen, too, and teens were the targeted audience for this movie. Even at that time we could tell this movie was probably too dark for the intended audience. I believe the movie was softened up in the middle of production because certain sponsors were getting in on this movie, which kind of explains how it borders on a dark action comedy, but instead is an awkward summer flick.
  15. Roonami

    The Village (2004)

    Considering the three movies that follow up this one (Lady in the Water, The Happening, The Last Airbender), I think people might be a bit more forgiving of The Village.
  16. Roonami

    Swordfish (2001)

    This movie is one of my guilty pleasures. Not quite bad enough for the Razzies but definitely a movie where you can't worry about the story's cohesion. The fast pace probably helps with that. I wonder how may takes they needed for the slurpy beej scene and who agreed to ADR the sound effects. Five stars.
  17. Roonami

    A Night in Heaven (1983)

    10pm show at Largo next weekend.
  18. Roonami

    The Butterfly Effect (2004)

    The only thing I remember about this movie is that every decision Ashton Kutcher's character made increasingly frustrated me.
  19. Roonami

    Stunt Rock (1979)

    This looks well worth the time.
  20. Roonami

    Troll 2 (1990)

    I'll bet they save this for the finale when the day comes.
  21. Roonami

    The Boondock Saints (1999)

    Haven't seen this movie in a long while but I've always really liked it. That being said, make no mistake about it I am aware of its many flaws. It borders too quirky for its own good if not being downright pretentious. It's aggressively insensitive. I probably shouldn't be rooting for the protagonists but I always liked them.
  22. I think this is kind of a forgotten "gem" in the Adam Sandler world now that he's cranking out terrible movies all day long for Netflix. Adam Sandler plays a drug smuggler and his best friend is Damon Wayans, and he finds out during a drug shipment that Damon Wayans is a cop who is trying to take down Adam Sandler's boss (played by James Caan). Adam Sandler tries to escape and somehow accidentally shoots Damon Wayans in the head -- but Damon Wayans is all fine basically in no time at all, makes a full recovery and tracks down Adam Sandler to escort him across country to James Caan's trial. A corny and predictable beginning and then full on ludicrous story to the end, full of terrible comedic timing and stale jokes whenever someone gets killed. Oh and then unforgettable scenes like: Does this podcast not do Adam Sandler movies as a general rule? Is he a good friend? Seems like they could do plenty of episodes with his career just like Cage and Stallone.
  23. Roonami

    Bulletproof (1996)

    Blended. Jack and Jill. Ridiculous 6. Just Go With It. We could basically have the Year of Sandler with this podcast.
  24. Roonami

    Gotti (2018)

    Sounds like potential for a beautiful friendship.
  25. Roonami

    Gotti (2018)

    Someone uploaded it in full to YT.