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    Submit your pick for The Canon's Ultimate Listener's Choice!

    Soderbergh's Ocean's 11, please
  2. textbookleader8

    Episode 156 - Legends of the Fall (w/ Kendra James)

    Watched this movie for the first time on Sunday and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was expecting it to be boring, but I kept on waiting to get bored and it never happened. This is a very watchable movie, and a very movie movie. I'm still thinking about it three days later. I'm not a very smart or astute consumer of film, but I'm voting yes.
  3. textbookleader8

    Episode 150 - The Avengers (w/ Jenelle Riley)

    Do I need to actually watch this movie to enjoy this conversation? Or is "The Avengers" actually just a proxy for them to talk about Marvel movies generally? Really don't want to sit down and watch this shit.
  4. textbookleader8

    Homework - The Avengers (2012)

    um, wow. okay, well I guess that gives me an excuse to finally watch this movie.