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    27 - Fables of the Reconstruction

    Hey you two goofballs, thank you for the fair and considerate review of Fables, my favorite REM LP that is tragically too often dismissed, even by members of band. I saw them in Berkeley on this tour. I remember Michael Stipend singing with his back to the audience on the first few songs, ha! I still have the program with all its bizarre artwork. Sadly, the concert tee is long gone. Can’t wait for your review of Pageant, arguably their most balls out, rockingest album. Fuck trees, TedInSaltLake PS, I think the tv show Adam refers to as featuring the Pylon song is Billions. Also on that episode’s soundtrack, mother fucking Guadalcanal Diary, Pixies, Replacements and the dB’s. Solipsism be damned, but sometimes I could swear this universe is mine.