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    Downhill Willie (1996)

    IMDB Summary: aka Ski Hard, 4.5 Willie Jones an Olympian Level skier is oblivious to society. He's about to take on the world's greatest skiers to win a half million dollars. He is up against a hilarious cast of delinquents to each their own right. Everyone's competing for the cash and to stop Willie. Highlights: There is a literal pissing contest in which a bear wins, I man lights his hand on fire so he can use a woman's skirt to put it out, a hot tub explodes after all the main characters fart then light a cigarette, and many more. I did just find out that the movie was a direct to video release so I'm not sure if it would qualify.
  2. kingwebster

    Downhill Willie (1996)

    Downhill Willie is a terrible movie that aged really bad. I think that it is the perfect movie for HDTGM. Just watch the trailer and you'll understand why it should be on the Podcast.