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  1. I motion for a Fan Fiction section. Has no one else listened to an insane pitch/remake proposed by Jason, June or Paul and thought "Fuck yes, that needs to be written"? (currently listening to the Lake Placid episode with Paul & Jason's pitch for a movie about a small town sign-maker making "Don't Swim Here, There Are Crocodile" signs.)
  2. Another Nic Cage, I know. He actually produced this one too. This is "Serious Actor" Nic Cage not "Crazy Nic Having a Good Time" It is the lowest grossing film to debut at #1 since "Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star" It has 8% on Rotten Tomatoes. EIGHT PERCENT. In the middle of filming in Thailand, there was a coup d'etat... and the filming only stopped for 6 hours. Dialogue like "You duck fucker!" . It has everything: Tender love-making.. cool wardrobe.. Very interesting hair.. Windproof hats... And more "cool camera angles" than your average student film... It was a 1999 Thai film made by the Pang Brothers (Danny and ....Oxide. Seriously. His first name is Oxide ). They were an editor and... a colorist. That's right... "Oxide" was a colorist. In the original, the assassin was the deaf-mute. They came to Hollywood and remade with Nic Cage who instead of having himself play a deaf-mute, made the girlfriend be the deaf-mute. (Because, of course.)