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    Episode 147 - The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (w/ Jen Yamato)

    Long-time listener, first-time caller. I have strong opinions about a lot of these episodes and I finally decided to register and vote. Ok, I basically agree with Jen 100%. But I did want to say a few things: first of all, this movie is not Demy's tribute to the MGM musicals of the 40s and 50s - that's his next film, The Young Girls of Rochefort. Honestly, I would say that movie is even more canon-worthy than this film. I think it's better musically, choreographically, cinematographically (that's not a word) and dramatically. I thought it was odd that Amy kept bringing up Lola (which is a terrific film) and didn't mention Young Girls at all. If only one Demy/Legrand/Deneuve film makes it in the canon, it should be Young Girls, which somehow manages to be even more heartbreaking with a much more traditionally happier ending. The other thing that I wish Jen had said to Amy is that yes, these two lovers are stupid and naive. But it's Legrand's music that gives their love actual emotion and dimension. As we see in West Side Story, music makes a tragic love story far more profound and deeper than it would be otherwise. If the "I Will Wait For You" scene was just dialogue, their love would feel silly and meaningless. But Legrand supplies a melody that practically forces us to feel for them. And this is also why the end of the film is the gut punch that Amy refers to. If Legrand's music weren't so powerful, that last meeting would be nowhere near as potent. Also, Madeleine is a terrific character and there is absolutely nothing wrong with identifying with her. She understands what it means to be in love far more than Guy and Genevieve do.