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  1. June was still debating him on Twitter, he was continuing the debate with someone who could respond, and um, we’re all here debating their points and so...they are too
  2. Well, he did, and he did it again on the mini-episode, and team sanity won the polls. So nany nany poo poo
  3. No, Paul cleared this up on Twitter. Team Sanity just thinks this movie sucks, regardless of anything else. Mom good? Movie sucks. Mom bad? Movie sucks. Manifestation? Movie sucks! Real entity? MOVIE SUCKS! Its very simple. THIS. MOVIE. SUCKS.
  4. Paul cleared this up on twitter and said the point he and Casey were trying to make is that the movie is not enjoyable. It’s grating and unpleasant regardless of Fred being a manifestation or an actual entity. THATS how I feel too, this movie sucks. If team Fred wants to think he’s a manifestation, FINE. That doesn’t make the movie good OR enjoyable.
  5. I truly believe the poll should be black and white. “Is the movie good? Yes or No” Team Fred has made some compelling points, but they also have seemed to align themselves with this movie being good. I cant allow myself to be on a team that is seemingly synonymous with enjoying the movie
  6. My biggest beef with this episode is the "it's only a movie" defense June and Jason kept going to. They essentially killed the premise of their entire podcast. They also kind of exposed their "characters" with this episode, at least IMO. For example, June clearly remembers movies, and plays up her "disgust" of certain things for entertainment value because if she's not "deeply disturbed" by some of the things in this movie, there's no way she actually was with some things in previous episodes. Jason, I think, simply didn't hate the movie, saw the rift between Paul and June and RAN with it. I don't think he honestly believed half the arguments he was making, as opposed to "I said I'm team June and I am committing to it" You hear it in his voice when second opinions are about to start and he realizes he can't rip on any of them because that was just him for and hour and half on stage, so he actually has to say it out loud like "hey guys, I realize I sound like a nut job out here" as a way to almost retcon his entire stance over the podcast. For anyone who thinks I'm making up stuff that simply wasn't there, or looking for deeper meaning into a podcast that was never intended, congrats! You now know how team Sanity felt listening to Team Fred argue in defense of this movie.
  7. Mattrix

    Episode 185 - Adore

    Blonde guy, Naomi Watts son Brunette, robin Wright’s son.
  8. Mattrix

    Episode 185 - Adore

    I'll just throw it out there one more time, you don't have to "what if" This movie pretty much already exists, it's called "Blame it on Rio" and I can't believe it still hasn't been done by the HDTGM crew.
  9. Mattrix

    Episode 185 - Adore

    This movie is basically sexy/creepy LOST with no smoke monster or polar bears.
  10. Mattrix

    Episode 185 - Adore

    Hello all, first time long time! Had to register to say a few things To the forum: There was a version of this movie based on men and their daughters with Michael Cain called "Blame it on Rio." Observation: I found it interesting that a recurring theme of the episode was Paul and the gang saying all four of these people were essentially one character instead of 4 individual characters. The movie almost seemed to try and nod to this in the most cliche way possible with the apple slice scene after the boys fight in the water. They sit there and eat 1 apple cut up into quarters. Roz is already eating hers when the scene starts, then Lil's son grabs and eats his, then Roz's son, then finally Lil. Pretty much the same order of their transgressions. All 4 had their piece that would make the whole, and just hilarious that it's the heavy handed apple forbidden fruit metaphor. Correction: The wife says "Isn't it obvious, they're LOVERS too" not "Isn't it obvious, they love us too"