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    Episode 190 - Hurricane Heist: LIVE!

    Marginally related to this, growing up my best buds mum was called Robyn Holmes and even 20 some years later I think about this almost weekly.
  2. cruel intenstines

    Episode 190 - Hurricane Heist: LIVE!

    i haven't listened to this episode yet (i've recently succumbed to watching the extremely heterosexual nonsense that is Love Island and I'm so obsessed I can't do anything else), but I watched this a couple of weeks ago in a weather / robbery double bill with Hard Rain and I'm only slightly embarrassed to say that I genuinely had a great, great time watching this movie. I was just gleefully texting my pal about everything ridiculous happening and was screaming with laughter so much at the scene in the mall that I actually had to pause the movie until I calmed down. It's very silly and bad but I really thought it was a lot of fun. Having only seen Toby Kebbell in maybe Dead Man's Shoes, RocknRolla and Black Mirror, I could not cope with that terrible accent though, it was bad wasn't it? I'm much more embarrassed to say that until I opened this thread, it hadn't even occurred to me that Breeze was a ~windy name
  3. cruel intenstines

    Episode 153 - Escape from L.A.: LIVE!

    popping back in to an extremely dead thread here to be that person and say i just got done with this one and wow as a pam grier and john carpenter fan the WILD transphobia in this movie was aggressively disappointing. i think i would have turned if off had it been earlier in the movie, but as it was i just started doing some very time consuming anagram game on my phone instead and occasionally staring daggers at the screen like netfix had personally wronged me. i think i'm doubly disappointed too bc i 100% assumed they would slam this on the episode but nah. sorry for still being like 18 months behind and posting lol, i'm just having a twitter break rn so i didn't have anywhere else to scream about this at quarter to 1 in the morning and I'm having some feelings about it
  4. cruel intenstines

    Musical Monday Week 36 Om Shanti Om

    Oh I had just assumed Dolly's mum was there as some kind of joke about her being horny for Mukesh and Om but both of your interpretations make way more sense and I hope she wasn't meant to be a teen? I absolutely hadn't realised that Shanti / Sandy was so young irl at the time, and now I'm super glad it didn't end up being a big love story between them, even if I felt like the end of Sandy's story was a little underwhelming
  5. cruel intenstines

    Musical Monday Week 36 Om Shanti Om

    Now, as for this movie, wow I had so much fun I think I perhaps wouldn't have turned it on at like 11pm after taking my painkillers if I'd realised it was almost three hours long. I couldn't get through it all in one go and ended up watching the last hour this morning. I really want to know how much June's wigdar would react to this movie I genuinely loved how they aged characters up simply by giving them a grey wig and eyebrows, their faces still exactly the same. His OG mum must have been at least 80 years old and her face looked barely older than him (although I won't lie I did have a little trouble accepting that he was supposed to only be 30 years old) I really loved some of the set pieces, the tennis court scene near the start felt a little like a wes anderson music video, that was delightful. also om's bond girl moment in the water during the disco dream sequence was a delight. i feel like this must have been super exhausting to film, all the dance scenes and costume changes on top of the usual film set business, i'd be knackered after about 90 seconds uk netflix has like 20 some movies with SRK in and i now cannot wait to watch a whole bunch of them. I love that i still haven't watched boyhood or american honey bc every time i think about them i just can't commit to three hours for a film, but absoutely no issue here! oh also my favourite bit was the giant maybelline product placement scene with sandy in the middle of this. nothing sums up the mid 00s for make up wearers more than a disgusting pot of dream matte mousse foundation thanks for choosing this movie, i really had a great time tbh
  6. cruel intenstines

    Musical Monday Week 36 Om Shanti Om

    i feel like maybe i'm not versed enough in musicals to join in, i'll end up making everyone watch the animated daft punk musical or something. that said, my favourite film of all time is a musical so I'll think about it Nice to meet you too! I feel like I'll definitely have to at least read the character's wikipedia or something, it felt like it really should have been fun, but i didn't know wny anything was happening Thanks, I might have to come and yell about movies there too, so many things to discuss!
  7. cruel intenstines

    Musical Monday Week 36 Om Shanti Om

    hi group, medium time lurker, newish poster! i'm still way behind on the episodes (just watched the phantom and wow i didn't understand so much of that film) but figured i could at least join in on these posts, if that's cool? anyway i've just put this on and the credits at the start at the sweetest thing, "special thanks & a big hug to", "very friendly appearances" i love this movie already and nobody is even on screen yet
  8. Thanks, friend! 100% fine with that, in my head I'm already best pals with a bunch of you, which I promise is much less creepy than it sounds (although I totally might go back to lurking until I'm more caught up so I'm not talking to myself in a bunch of dead threads, we'll see)
  9. For some back story, I started properly listening to this show a few months back after a long break from it and get through a couple a week,watching some of the movies but not all. I've been lurking on here the whole time and planned to maybe join in when i was up to date, but this movie stressed me out so much I had to make an account and talk about it. I'm aware I'll probably be talking to nobody, but if anyone does read this, sorry for reminding you about this terrible terrible movie. I'm so baffled as to so many things about this How long has TBND lived here? I really don't understand the passage of time in this film. He killed his Dad years ago, unless I've misunderstood, but only moved in with his relative at the start of film? Where has he been this whole time? I feel like it would be more understandable (to an extent) if he'd lived there for a couple of years and secretly been pining over the beautiful woman next door for a little bit and it's spiralled out of control, but his terrifying emotions in this seem to have been borne over literally days? I found it so stressful that no man respected any of JLo's boundaries. Even aside from literally everything that TBND does, her son absolutely doesn't respect that she's currently uncomfortable with John Corbett being around. And I get it, he's a teen boy who wants his mam and dad to get back together, but I'd expect this behaviour from a 12 year old, not someone in their mid/late teens? And same for JC, just leave her alone to deal with your betrayal, pal. The blonde hardware store lass, did she have some deleted scenes because I truly don't understand why she was in on any of this, does TBND have a magic dick? Every woman makes absolutely terrible decisions about him for reasons I don't understand. He's creepy af and yeah I guess he's attractive, but he's not that hot is he? I was also deeply uncomfortable with seeing her naked, how old is that character meant to be? I don't understand where the cops are in this movie, TBND publicly bashes a kid's head in to the level where he literally fractures his skull and pushes a teacher over. It's been over a decade since I was at high school, but I'm 100% certain the police would be called, they were called any time someone got caught with a tiny bit of weed, never mind smashing each other's heads in? When he's just driving all over the road, I feel like someone would have snitched. And that's separate from every single time JLo should have called them (which is SO MANY TIMES). Speaking of cops, near the end, does Kristen Chenowith say "we're not having dinner with his mother, we're having dinner with COPS" or did I completely mishear that. Also, if TBNDs whole thing is that he hates cheating dads, why is she so insistent on punishing JLo even more? Ugh, what a horrible toad of a man. I'm sorry that I wrote so much in an inactive thread, I'm just legit cross about this film. I texted a friend about it and it was just all caps I HATE THIS, I UNDERSTAND NOTHING Also Cameron H, I'm with you on the JLo in her silky pjs being weird. If I'm getting ready for a night out, I sometimes might shove on a t shirt when I'm doing my make up or whatever, but I 100% don't put my sex pyjamas on and try on high heels, that felt p jarring to me too.