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  1. Accidents will happen, all you can eat. Happy slapping while caught napping, Lets put away those teats.
  2. billy_dontknow_which_waytoblow

    Around the Sun with Todd Barry

    Hey, I made a proper Mike Mills rap- https://www.dropbox.com/s/hfqh4z5e51ciylg/Mike%20Mills%20Rap.m4a?dl=0
  3. Updated script for Episode #31 Scott: And he says to Thedge, he says, he says, "Hey, you know what, on the next record, I don't want to do any songs about love. I-I-I just want to do songs about food. And we'll call it 'U Food'." And Thedge, he's like, "Bonobos, you're just hungry. C'mon, lets get you a plate." Scott: Y'know, I've heard Bonobos is like that about everything. Scott: There's a famous story, the band, the band was in the studio, cutting one of their classic- Scott: -Farts Scott: Yes, farts, and all of a sudden Bonobos is like "Stop. Stop, hold the presses. I have an idea. Let's make the album about going to the bathroom, and the band is like, "what?" And Bonobos is like, "we'll call it Ur-i-nation." And then he starts sing-yelling 'UR-A-NATION' over and over. And Thedge is like, "Bonobos, do you need to use the bathroom?" And Bonobos is bouncing around on his feet and he's like "no, I just want to make an album about going to the bathroom." And Thedge is like "Bonobos, just go, go to the bathroom, we'll wait for you." And Bonobos is like, he's bouncing around even more now, and he has his hands over his crotch-area, and he's about to say something, but then he just turns and makes a b-line for the bathroom. And like a minute later he comes out, and they just finish up Achtung Baby, it's classic U2.