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  1. The Russian sailors in the ending do actually play a pretty important role but it's pretty easy to miss them because they wear similar white uniforms to the British sailors, you can tell them apart because of the blue striped undershirts under their white outfits. They notably make a point to show that when James Bond runs out of ammo for his submachine gun, a Russian sailor behind him takes a magazine from his vest and hands it to Bond who reloads with it.
  2. There's actually a later Bond novel that deals with Bond being called back from Naval Reserve and actively serving as the XO on a Royal Navy Aircraft Carrier. I never read it but sounds like an interesting concept to see Bond actually doing his Naval job.
  3. You guys should really do a "Worst Character In Every Movie" Ranking List now. You can include everyone from J. W. Pepper, Christmas Jones, Extra from Quantum Pretending To Sweep, and the Moonraker Pigeon.