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  1. AskMeAboutAirBud

    Episode 206 - Little Italy

    Two points: 1. In reference to the rain scene it seems everyone's concern was for good reason. According to imdb Hayden Christensen badly sprained his ankle during the scene, causing him to miss a week of shooting. 2. The reason for Emma Robertson leaving was speculated. I felt the movie attempted to explain it as her "leaving a place that never changes and seeing the world". This sentiment is fine, except for the fact that she was clearly born in Toronto. As someone living in a city nearby, I assure you it is no small town. Toronto is one of the most diverse and most populated cities in Canada. All she needed to do was move a couple blocks, not go across an ocean.
  2. AskMeAboutAirBud

    Episode 188 - Body Rock: LIVE!

    It's where my mind initially went. I really do hope that an oscar award winning movie drew influence from Body Rock. Was anyone able to pick up what he says to the camera on the last line of the scene?
  3. AskMeAboutAirBud

    Episode 187 - Beautiful Creatures

    Why is no one worried about this glass shattering wind sweeping the nation? They're willing to organize a PTA meeting for the assumption that the new girl may be practicing Satanic rituals but are unwilling to protect themselves against some very suspicious weather activity? According to Geostorm a lot of shit is about to go down in the next few years and I fear this South Carolina town will not be ready for it. On another note, do we really get any information on why we shouldn't join the dark side? They have cooler cars, dresses and seem to get to make out with whomever they want. Sure you don't always get invited to Thanksgiving, but the trade off seems trivial.