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    After (2019)

    IMDb says: A young woman falls for a guy with a dark secret and the two embark on a rocky relationship. Based on the novel by Anna Todd. A teen romance based on One Direction fanfic, what could possibly go wrong? This fits right in there with Twilight, but also with Little Italy. Despite the trailer, this is not a thriller.
  2. WatchOutForSnakes

    Musical Mondays Week 86 Purple Rain

    Yes! Jerome! That blew my mind. Also, I've been listening to too much Lizzo lately, so he constantly reminded me of: (I bet he's the kind of guy who would throw ladies in dumpsters)
  3. WatchOutForSnakes

    Parasite (special episode)

    High and Low is on Criterion (I think it is still). I think the idea with Parasite and the Native American play struck me as being ironic that they would play at being violent amidst an actual outburst of the very bloody violence they're mimicking. And thanks for the welcome! I have been much distracted after adopting a puppy. My usual movie watching has been usurped by play and training. Today is actually our 6-month adoptaversaary! She's @frida_von_schmiegen on IG.
  4. WatchOutForSnakes

    Musical Mondays Week 86 Purple Rain

    You win!
  5. WatchOutForSnakes

    Musical Mondays Week 86 Purple Rain

    The treatment of women in the film is really quite shocking. Though I did appreciate that he at least seemed to come around somewhat when he credited the women with writing Purple Rain. The acting is terrible, but I agree that Morris Day was a real delight. Oh, that dancing!!!! It is all so very much of its time. I could watch this movie on a loop though just to watch him perform. Side note: last summer I went on a tour of Paisley Park and got to see a bunch of his memorabilia from the movie, including his motorcycle, and a suitcase piano he used to DANCE on! He was a tiny, tiny human! Creativity just seemed to ooze out of him, and I'm so glad he got to perform and produce as much as he did. He was working on a jazz album when he died. I'd have loved to hear the finished product (side, side note: he use to play in the mixing booth and mix while he was recording the band). I just love him to pieces. If you find yourselves in the Minneapolis area, I highly recommend the VIP tour. It's 1,000% worth the admission price.
  6. WatchOutForSnakes

    Parasite (special episode)

    I loooooved Parasite. I definitely get more out of it on repeated viewings. I thought it was a real homage to Kurosawa’s High and Low. It first struck me with the little boy’s obsession with playing at being Native American since the boys in the opening and crucial scene of High and Low are playing the same way. A small detail that I may be reading too much into
  7. WatchOutForSnakes

    Musical Mondays Week 86 (Watch Out for Snakes’ Pick)

    Best halftime show ever.
  8. WatchOutForSnakes

    Musical Mondays Week 86 (Watch Out for Snakes’ Pick)

    It’s certainly not beyond criticism, but I’ll never tire of watching Prince perform. I rewatched it this weekend and it made me cry though I’m not a cryer. I just still am so sad he’s no longer with us.
  9. WatchOutForSnakes

    Musical Mondays Week 86 (Watch Out for Snakes’ Pick)

    Hi all!! I know I've been away from the forums for a while. in fairness, I adopted a puppy last fall so my movie watching has been interrupted by play and training. (she's on Insta at @Frida_von_schmiegen). I"m excited to jump back in with something I just noticed is streaming on Netflix. I have some backups if we've done this one, but my pick is.... Purple Rain! ETA - Thanks Cameron for the heads-up that it was my turn
  10. WatchOutForSnakes

    Ad Astra

    I also saw it and was blown away by it. Pitt is at his best this summer. He really carried that role and of course it was beautiful! It was at once infinitely expansive and intensely internal. My only nit pick was the end scene at Neptune. It felt more melodramatic and more of a stretch than the rest did.
  11. WatchOutForSnakes

    Musical Mondays Week 72 Man of La Mancha

    Finally catching up on Musical Mondays, and got the chance to watch this on Saturday. I had no idea what to expect and certainly wasn't expecting it to be so silly. That windmill attack scene was easily my favorite. I'd say I enjoyed the movie overall and would watch it again. I agree that it is probably better the second time when I'm not so confused about what is going on. My biggest nitpick of it is that I got real tired real quick of the constant rape-y scenes with Sophia Loren. I loved her character and the acting, but it really got old by the end.
  12. Okay, two things: 1. Are we not going to talk about Helen Mirren's full hair, makeup, and jewelry? Is she getting the Al Capone treatment in there? 2. We've established that Hattie injected the virus in capsules into her hand. The capsules will dissolve after the longest 72 hours ever and then.. end of humanity. When they plan what to do if they can't extract the virus in time, why does she have to die and burn her body? Why not just amputate her hand?! Is that a fate worse than death? Why is this not an option?
  13. I'm pretty sure he's trying to say that his dick is more impressive than his cars. The usual hierarchy is dick size < car awesomeness. Here, he's saying car awesomeness < dick size. He's saying his dick is so big, he's using the cars to downplay the dick size. To overcompensate, we are providing an excess in Column A to make up for a deficit in Column B. To undercompensate, you would necessarily undercut Column A to make up for the excess in Column B. He's saying his dick size is soooooo excessive, the cars are less great than it. For his cars to overcompensate for a dick size, they'd have to be like made of unicorns and rainbows and hot chicks. I've gone cross-eyed.
  14. I second all of this. Welcome back
  15. I also love makeup from afar as opposed to on my face. I'm in for this segment.
  16. I haven't read the whole thread yet, so forgive me if this is repeating, but I thought that with all his tech and gadgets, particularly that motorcycle, "Black Batman" would have been more apropos. But I'll take superman.
  17. WatchOutForSnakes

    Episode 219 - Drop Dead Fred: LIVE! (w/ Casey Wilson)

    This was filmed at Paisley Park, Prince's estate. Funny enough, that was not highlighted during the VIP tour I took this summer.
  18. WatchOutForSnakes

    Pulp Fiction

    I'm gonna go out and a limb and say Once Upon a Time.. is also probably my favorite (though I haven't seen all). I've seen it twice, and will probably go this weekend to a screening in 35mm. For me, it's up there with Jackie Brown.
  19. WatchOutForSnakes


    I agree that the national anthem might have been a lot more on people's minds at this time given the bicentennial and cultural changes the country was going through with civil rights, women's right's and Watergate. I ended up just buying this movie and watched it start to finish for the first time yesterdsay. I decided to watch it before listening to the Ep all the way because Paul had mentioned going in without any idea what was going to go on, and I wanted that same experience. I found some of it kind of hard to follow, but I think this is definitely one of those movies that will be more rewarding on re-watches. There's so much going on that I'm sure I'll find all kinds of new threads and details I didn't catch the first time around. Most of the music I really could have done without (but I'm not really a country fan), but I'll say I loved that last song Barbara Jean did going on about the road trip with her parents. There was something that felt like it was poking fun at the genre and I can only imagine some of that had to be improvised, but it was genius. It fit the character and the placement in the film perfectly. I also really loved the set the trio did followed by Tom's song staring at Lily Tomlin. That whole storyline was great too. But, ugh, political assassinations. The shooting (and all dramatized shootings) really caused me anxiety. That was hard to watch. Do I think it deserves to be on the list? Eh... I think I'd say so. This is really a break in form, and while it didn't hold my attention 100% for its very long run time, Paul and Amy kind of sold me on it. One bee in my bonnet: I take umbrage at the "get lawyers out of Congress" line I'd prefer the people writing the laws to understand the law. But I'm biased. ETA: I think a great companion film to this is Coal Miner's Daughter, which i only just realized came out 5 years later. It is excellent.
  20. WatchOutForSnakes

    Episode 219 - Drop Dead Fred: LIVE! (w/ Casey Wilson)

    I'm way late to the game on this one, but ... exactly! Without having read through the whole thread, here's my take: Lizzie is clearly having psychotic breaks. Fred (as Imaginary in "imaginary friend" suggests), is a figure of her mind. She hallucinates him there as an entity separate from herself, and he encourages her to cause mayhem to gain attention and/or hurt her mom. We, as viewers, see Fred as Lizzie sees him, but we can't impose her onto his physical nature - as in, when he does an up-the-skirt look at her mom, it's not Lizzie actually looking up her mom's skirt, or even imagining herself looking up the skirt, she was imagining Fred as the type of guy who would do that. Whether that means she's also curious about looking up other girls shirts - who's to say. But fuck this movie. Carrie Fisher was the only good thing about it!
  21. WatchOutForSnakes

    Pulp Fiction

    To add to this, I actually thought these two were at best acquaintances who were spending the day getting to know each other. When they have that whole conversation about whether a miracle occurred, Vincent seemed completely taken aback by Jules's sincerity. I thought they became close over the course of the movie, but not that they started that way.
  22. WatchOutForSnakes

    Episode 218.5 - Minisode 218.5

    I mean, what if it IS Michael Bay sending the stuff? Just sayin'
  23. Based on this recommendation, I watched A Scanner Darkly this morning. Mind blown!
  24. Wait, how did I not know there was a Total Recall remake?! It's so perfect, why would they remake it? I suggest both are perfect for HDTGM.
  25. WatchOutForSnakes

    Episode 218 - Deadfall (w/ Chelsea Peretti)

    My local Landmark theater shows it every month without fail. I finally got to see a screening of it and it was everything I'd hoped for!