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    The Shawshank Redemption

    This episode was so frustrating to listen to I ended up turning it off 15 mins into the podcast. This is the same problem I had with The Canon podcast. It's fine if Amy doesnt like the movie or doesnt feel like it should be on the list but I feel like she does this constantly with movies she personally feels are "overhyped" where she refuses to engage on any discussion about deeper themes or things that the other host thought were done well.if I remember correctly she does this alot with Martin scorcese films also. I feel like most of her responses are in the vein of " mehh this is just a movies about guys hanging out in prison". Maybe paul should force her to do the How Did This Get Made podcast for a few weeks so she can really see what a bad movie is. The entire episode was ruined for me because of her attitude and I'm not even a huge fan or Shawshank. I just think if you're going to be such an obvious fangirl for movies like Titanic or old Hollywood movies like Citizen Kane then you should at least engage other people when they want to discuss mo ids they like. Ps I'm pretty sure she said that Streets of Fire was a good movie a couple of weeks ago and anyone who thinks that shouldnt be able to call another movie bad Haha . That movie is terrible