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  1. KindaGamey

    Reality Show Show

    The boys are making fun of "All joking a salad" and "Hey Nong Man" in Joe Wengert Again and they say their t-shirt will be "We the Peep-hole" … did anyone make that shirt? With the rise in government spying I can see this one really taking off.
  2. If I click like on Dalton's post am I thanking him for posting or am I saying I like the episode? This is getting too meta.
  3. Popcorn Galerie Questions for Orville: * When you worked in that bicycle shop, what was the most annoying thing that Wilbur did before he invented the airplane? * How did you create popcorn when corn was already a thing? When you tried to call them "Hot Redenbachers" and it didn't take off, did you ever think about throwing in the towel? What's with the bow tie and suspenders? (JULIE KLAUSNER JUST SAID POPCORN GALLERY INTO THE PODCAST!)
  4. Reddit a-holes on /r/earwolf One of the buggers was so lazy he reblogged his previous Tom comment rather than make a new one:
  5. Ugh, just when I was actually starting to like this show. You can hear how I suffered through all this terrible podcasting in my new podcast, "How did this get podcasted?" coming soon to the Ear and animal (e.g. worm, wolf) podcast Empire nearest you! "Earworm... squish, the worm dead!"
  6. Re: Pro Version. Sean was mentioning old bits and I wanted him to say "the popcorn gallery" just to get that dopamine rush when the song lazily backstrokes through old worn-in neural pathways and he didn't say it on purpose!
  7. Thanks Sharpie! Good cast, bro.
  8. KindaGamey

    Episode 295 - Mina Kimes, Our Close Friend

    gird your loins gentlefolk. this may be a sex-positive forum now, but it looks like we've caught something. first a spammer bounced the hayes b-day thread (wow, this forum used to actually get some traffic back in the doodle!) and now i'm getting private messages with information that is both serious and urgent. and i'm not the only one. (this thing shows who is browsing the person's profile at the same time as you for some reason? like one night werewolf for creepy forum stalkers): -- I think that's Sonic the Hedgehog's wife in which case I would surely write back, but I just don't know for sure... it might be an impersonator?
  9. KindaGamey


    That is really sweet of the spammer to think of Hayes' birthday even if he is 826 days too late.
  10. KindaGamey

    Episode 295 - Mina Kimes, Our Close Friend

    And the HH is doing the best it has ever done since Kevin took the wheel and isn't that good and nice. Scoop Troop get out your walkers with the tennis balls on the feet, some Hollywood Insider gossip comin right for you!
  11. KindaGamey

    Episode 294 - Stephen Malkmus, Our Pavement Friend

    I was disappointed with the lack of discussion about pavement and other structural engineering miracles of our modern age, but nevertheless I did experience some enjoyment during the episode. I think we need to get Brett away from the Boys because they're having an obvious influence upon his demeanor. He's just cracking wise whenever he gosh darn pleases! And he ain't that bad at it, neither.
  12. KindaGamey

    Episode 293 - Alyssa Limperis, Our Moms Friend

    a) girl b) got iiiiiit... c) funny Well done everybody. We did it!
  13. More Syncs! Just listening to this anti-capitalist lecture from The Zeitgeist Movement released today (5/28) and they're talking about using shells as a type of social currency. Probably not overly expensive hobby shop shells, but I still thought it was a pretty good sync. Good ep, will watch the Kulap doc when my schedule allows for it.
  14. KindaGamey

    Episode 290 - James Adomian, Our Close Friend

    whoa. oderus urungus / gwar sync from my weird letter to kevin. and some other sync i can’t remember.
  15. I believe the guests will be M. Ryan, R. Gere, M. Pfeiffer, and Rupert Murdoch.
  16. Y'all know I was just kidding about the guests right? Just ask random ones since we don't really know who the guest will be. If someone can make a wise-crack on social media and inspire the 11 hour episode we can bring back the popcorn machine, at least for one ep: "Have you ever had to use a laundromat like a regular person? How does it work?" "Is Graham Norton a cookie or a cracker?" "What's the normalest thing to ever happen to you off-set in a completely normal setting with non-famous people?" "Do you wish that crafty was really arts and crafty instead so you could construct your own food animals before eating them?"
  17. KindaGamey

    Episode 289 - Doug Benson, Our Movies Friend

    Syncs so far: "Faces of Death," Leonard Maltin I was JUST telling my wife yesterday about how I moved the stickers on Faces of Death in our VHS rental store to cover stuff up so my mom would let me rent it. (The truth is I rented it for the nudity, not the death. Wasn't that the one where the lady shot ping pong balls out of her ping-pong-ball-shooter?)
  18. KindaGamey

    Episode 288 - Tony Hale, Our Close Friend

    what kind of fan do the boys like and what kind they don't? not sure that part was clear. i'm probably one of the bad ones, but russell brand says other people's opinion of me is none of my business.
  19. KindaGamey

    Episode 288 - Tony Hale, Our Close Friend

    Let's start a podcast called The Popcorn Gallery. We already have a theme song, that's the hardest part.
  20. KindaGamey

    Episode 287 - Andy Daly, Our Cookbook Friend

    ^ my experience with trying to embiggen this image: "COMPUTER ENHANCE!" (clicked the image) (Image is now the same size, but now centered on a black screen) "COMPUTER ENHANCE FURTHER!" (clicked that image) (Image is now the same size, but in the top left corner and on a white screen) "Excellent." "Now can I see a hat wobble? And a flargunnstow?"
  21. KindaGamey

    What do we do with Kevin if

    I think I've gone off the reservation. you guys would tell me if I should stop right? i'm going to hide a link in the punctuation.
  22. Kevin's Phyllo-Dough TV ad was so bad I'm going to order the product and cancel it immediately. God help them if they send me a survey asking why I cancelled.
  23. KindaGamey

    Episode 285 - Martha Kelly, Our Close Friend

    So I'm thinking about writing another letter to the boys, but I only want to do it if they want another letter. If they're like, "Wtf is this? Paper!? Gross!" Then I don't want to do it and I'd rather do something else wasteful with my time. This is a difficult decision for me.
  24. KindaGamey

    Episode 285 - Martha Kelly, Our Close Friend

    new phone who dis?