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  1. My New Zealand Stitcher lady says, "Re-zooming epey-sode" and my Ukulele-training Yousician app says (in Aussie) "GRATE JOB, YU'V REAYCHED YUR DAY-LEE GOAL!"  "YU'V DUBBLED YUR DAY-LEE GOAL!" "YU'V TRIBBLED YUR DAY-LEE GOAL!" (I didn't even set that goal, HE did!) 

    Remember back when Americans would make good ol' American apps for Americans?
    Don't make me get an embroidered hat that says Make Apps Less Australasian Again.

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  2. 12 minutes ago, Henry said:

    I gotta admit that I haven't listened to the entire episode either, just playing the odds and betting on it being great.

    OK, put your money where your mouth is, buddy.  If the episode is great, which we both think it might be, we take $10 out of our wallets and put it back in.  However, if the episode sucks then we have to give each other $10.

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  3. Try month is almost over!  Has Charlie Murphy done a Die Hard boys cover yet? He could do Try Hard...
    I feel like we've already covered this territory.

    I haven't listened to this episode yet.  I'm frightened that I'll enjoy it and I don't want to just be one of the adoring masses.  I need my independence as a fanboy.

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  4. 1 hour ago, shaffejd97 said:

    S5E15 at the 15:10 mark

    How the hell did I miss that?  I think I was in the wrong episode! I scrubbed back and forward through that damn thing and never found it.

    Well in exchange let me give you Sean Clements in Netflix's LOVE at 15:50 (S03E15 - You're My Gran Torino)

    Aww and now looking back at CBB I recognize Doughboy's Mitch who I never knew before... it's all so incestuous!

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  5. I failed to post the syncs I got with this episode and they fade really fast so I've forgotten them.

    (Don't click these, especially if you are a normal person)
    One has to do with my having watched this crazy thing: 2001 Blackstar (a sync mix of 2001 and Mos Def Blackstar + David Bowie Blackstar) Did they mention 2001?
    Hayes said "solar flash" or something in the pro version I think, almost out of nowhere?  Dr. August Dunning Micro Nova at Mars

    In other news the boys were in a dream I had last night. There was some comedy thing at this house and I was given to the opportunity to do something, but I backed out. (Yesterday I was asked to go on national news at 3pm via skype and I said no because … no.) Anyway the boys did their thing and I had forgotten my shoes so I had to go in the basement and there was the boys with kevin packing up and talking about the show. I said, "hey ho boys," and went to get my shoes and said absolutely nothing else to them and left. That was the dream. I didn't want to bother them. I couldn't even be an annoying fanboi in my dream, I was just like, ok byeeeeeee *pyowww* <-- Wile E. Coyote noise, puff of smoke remains.


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  6. Hey, the guest was a female and yet no one on reddit will be able to say that she didn't "get it" - she was handbooking right along with the boys. Almost too well! I'm glad broken English is back in style.

    The Mac Wheldon thing made me think of a joke:

    There was this philosopher king in the land of philosopher kings and he would take great long walks along the beach in nothing but his trunks and his robe and he would contemplate matters of the kingdom as the sea air gilded his chest hairs with salt and vigor. One day he was particularly deep in thought and he began scratching at his exposed navel as he walked. Much to his surprise it moved to his touch with a little scraping sound. As he walked he continued to fiddle and eventually found that by digging his fingers in and twisting the thing he was able to unscrew the fleshy endcap. Below it his eyes beheld a glint of gold reflected in the sunlight. Curious, he stopped walking, now completely enthralled with his own navel and twisted faster and faster. Below the navel was a long golden rod, a golden screw thread tunneling into his own body. By this point he was absolutely agog and could not believe what was happening... the rod got longer and longer until with a pop it dislodged from his stomach altogether and with one movement he removed the golden rod with fleshy screw head and held it aloft into the sunlight to examine it. It was at this point that his butt cheeks fell off and slipped out the leg of his trunks, landing on the beach with a soft thud.

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  7. For the Pro-version-abled: I can't believe the boys mentioned The Big 3 (Windy City Heat)!  Best comedy movie ever.  I was also addicted to their podcast.

    Speaking of other podcasts, doughboys fans tried to suck me in and I chewed on the Sarah Silverman episode, but that's all I did. It's funny to hear corny-ass Nick Wiger as something other than the purveyor of the monster fuck. Today I was eyeballing a Teacher's Lounge thread... never done one of those either.  

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  8. 53 minutes ago, the ostrich said:

    okay this is just TOO crazy for me not to share. so i'm sitting here at work, listening to this week's pro version when i feel an eyelash fall into my eye. as this is happening, hayes is talking about timing and being in the right place at the right time, and then he politely asks chef kevin to not to rub his eye while he's talking. i thought this was an incredibly weird coincidence, and then kevin responds with "do you guys ever have an eyelash that goes inward? an eyelash that, like, falls into your eyeball?" i do, kevin! i do have an eyelash that goes inward and that, like, falls into my eyeball! it just happened!

    and so it begins...

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  9. my questions for submission to the popcorn gallery:

    • what's it like to go through the popping experience? does it hurt?
    • what's the deal with those kernels that just don't want to pop?
    • are you upset when someone adds sweet stuff to your exterior since you're generally known as a salty snack or is it like, something to brag about?
    • if popcorn is like, baby corn seeds, does humans eating a bowl of burnt exploded inside-out babies horrify you or is that just how life is sometimes?
    • what do you miss about being in the corn fields?
    • from the perspective of the corn, was children of the corn still a scary movie or were you rooting for the children?
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  10. Synchronicity AGAIN (Pro Version):  "Rum Cookies"  -- not only did my girl make rum cookies, but then we had friends come over to play board games and I haven't been drinking because of sugar-cleanse and I put rum in my ginger kombucha and smoked too much herb and couldn't even finish the board game before I had to go to bed.  Anyway, here's proof:  I mentioned it in my last pen-pal letter.


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