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  1. On 8/31/2018 at 1:56 PM, KindaGamey said:

    OK, what do I do if I think I've stumbled on some tax fraud?


    Comedy Bang! Bang!
    5x15 Allison Janney Wears a Chambray Western Shirt and Suede Fringe Boots
    11.11.16 Jessica McKenna, Sean Clements, Mike Hanford, Jessica Jean Jardine, Mike Mitchell

    Sean Clements ... (as) Tony

    Sean Clements has been a guest on Comedy Bang! Bang! the podcast as well as the TV show.


    I've watched this episode.  I did not see a Tony.  Did you see a Tony?  I looked really really hard.


    In the Scott pro-version they even talked about Scott letting Sean do the show.  There is no Tony in that episode!  Is there a Tony?  Maybe Sean got cut, but got paid anyway?

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  2. OK, my synchronicity this time was over the words "the work" - the night before I had been talking to my wife about being willing to do "the work" regarding marriage and I related it to the protomolecule in The Expanse where this DNA-manipulated creature kept saying they were doing "The Work" and this AI-type thing was building something in space near Venus.

    I mean, Sean said "the work" so many times in that pro-version.  Crazy.  The synchronicity thing is real.  Also, The Expanse was an awesome show.  I hope it gets another season.  I can't remember where it left off to be honest though.

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  3. Obviously the ads are pretty explicit that I shouldn't get high and drive (a car), but

    can I get high and:

    • drive cattle across an open plain?
    • drive my wife bonkers with silly string?
    • drive 55 with Sammy Hagar (the Horrible)? - if he's driving and sober, of course
    • be really driven about my (lack of) career and life choices?

    Thanks in advance,
    Buster Britches

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  4. OK, I'm not going to bring this up on the reddits, but do you get the sneaking suspicion that this whole Pee Cast/HH thing was a set-up?  I may have my order wrong because I have no sense of time:

    Step 1. (REAL) Sean throws a jab at "Parking Lot Scott" just off the cuff, but it starts taking off online and weed-fueled "producer" Chef Kevin gets an idea to stoke the fires...
    Step 2. (FAKE) The boys bitch about Pee Cast Blast and make a big deal about it, the fans go wild.  "Fuck the Doughboys" becomes a thing.
    Step 3. (FAKE) Scott comes on the show and confronts them about Parking Lot Scott as if he's irritated about it, also the boys bitch about Pee Cast Blast to him.  In truth he already knows all about Parking Lot Scott.
    Step 4. (REAL) The HH fans go into a frothy madness online and Scott acts annoyed, but it actually raises awareness about Pee Cast so of course he is loving it.
    Step 5. (FAKE) Scott throws a jab about "the worst podcast audience" (HH) on CBB to further fuel the fire.
    Step 6. (REAL) BIG REVEAL - The Boys will be on Pee Cast WITH the Doughboys!
    Step 7. (FAKE) Scott pretends to be annoyed and says he "shadowbanned" them from Pee Cast, but in reality he's promoting Pee Cast again and The Boys.

    And there you have it.  The machinations of one Chef Kevin laid out before you.
    See the boys are too cool to scheme this much because that takes effort and effort isn't cool; it takes a Kevin to do the dirty work.

    Whatchu think?

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  5. Reddit doesn't care about my HH synchronicities so I'm going to put them here.  (I mean, you guys don't either, but you complain less):

    • When they talked about Escape Rooms I was on the way to my first escape room as a "team building exercise" proposed by my boss.  It was Grimm Fairy Tale themed.
    • ummm… I forgot the other one, but it was weird.

    In other news, HEY!  Paul Fishsticks Tompkins plays Red Dead 2?  Cool!  That would be hilarious to encounter him online as a polite mustachioed cowboy in a vest and tophat.


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  6. The popcorn gallery,  I do believe it is time for it now!  The popcorn gallery:  if you weren't aware, it's a segment on Hollywood Handbook where Sean and Hayes let the viewers (of the audio) ask the questions. Not to be confused with a peanut gallery which is usually a group of noisy brigands and roustabouts, because this analogy is more relating to the subject of movies.  Coincidentally, the movies is the reason it was called the popcorn gallery; Sean and Hayes letting the viewers doin all the questions, yeah now, it's time for the...







    coooooorn, gallery, oh yeah!

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  7. So I feel like many people saw Lauren's nipple in Crashing, but nobody wants to talk about it.  Like we're all kind of either trying to be adults about it or are just too weirded out to say anything publicly. p.s. Turner Broadcasting canceled the funding of Super Deluxe today. I'm kind of sad about. They let comedians who smoke weed do whatever they wanted and they filmed it. I watched a hamster run through a maze, I watched a lady rate plants... wild times, man. And we lived it. But no more.

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  8. Ok seriously though, this is not a lie, I once went to a patient first in college cause my penis had little bumps on it and I was worried and they had a female doctor and I said I didn't care and she asked me if I would feel more comfortable showing it to her by sticking it through a sheet and I was like, "wtf? no, I'll just get it out" and I did.  She looked at it and then told me that it wasn't an STD - it was flea bites.

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  9. Apparently ranch pig molts is coming back for another ep!  The boys are really nice and funny, but I really need my comedy idols to be way less hot and successful.  Someone who can wear a beer belly out in the open with pride.  Someone who will drink a bottle of wine and smoke a doobie on the side of a mountain before returning their malformed infant to mother nature.  Ok not the last bit, that was the Romans, they're way too hardcore.

  10. 6 hours ago, lpf said:

    or a doctor that can look at your butt? 

    Not to be pedantic, but every doctor is capable of looking at your butt, and believe me I've tried. Most just don't know what to do with it. I have a medical (marijuana) license, so I am also qualified to look at butts, but just as confused and disoriented when I see one. I've heard that a lawyer is officially a Juris Doctor so I'd start there.

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