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  1. No episode on this yet? I just bought it, and it's amazing.
  2. The song list is gonna take me a while. But in the meantime, here's my album list: 1. Automatic for the People 2. Life's Rich Pageant 3. Document 4. Fables of the Reconstruction 5. New Adventures in Hi-Fi 6. Reckoning 7. Murmur 8. Accelerate 9. Out of Time 10. Collapse Into Now 11. Green 12. Monster 13. Up 14. Reveal 15. Around the Sun
  3. R.E.M. just announced a new 9-disc box set called "R.E.M. at the BBC", coming out on Oct. 19th. I'll be severely disappointed if the guys don't do an episode on this. http://www.remhq.com/news/r-e-m-at-the-bbc-coming-october-19th-read-press-release/
  4. Agreed! I love this idea. Focusing on one band is fun, but there are so many cool music-related things they could tackle going forward. And they could still devote a few episodes to specific bands if they want.
  5. direwolf74

    Next R U Talking Series

    How about Pearl Jam? Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers would be awesome as well.