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    Next R U Talking Series

    Ok I’ve been keeping a running list, here’s my ideas, they’re all title based, so not all (any?) of the topics might be interesting to the Scotts. Nevertheless, here is the unabridged list so far: Look. R U talkin Look Who’s Talking, Look Who’s Talking Too, and Look Who’s Talking Now? Now? Yo! R we talkin REO Speedwagon yo? Are we? Yo? Wait John, wait. Am I missing something? I ain’t missing you, John Waite: a podcast. U tocking or ticking? Clock talk. What time is it? U B wining about UB40. Arrrr Matey! R ya talkin George R R Martin? Are ya? Hey are u Tolkien JRR Tolkien? R u smelling what the cook is rocking? Chefs who wear perfume Alright who said we’re talkin’ Right Said Fred right now? Fred? R u talking R2D2 too? Tick talk. Time to talk about ticks. Nine Inch Nail clippings; clips of Nine Inch Nail songs