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    #205 Patton Oswalt

    Anyone recall that service that Patton was talking about that had all the obscure movies? And the list of movies he rattles off?
  2. theoreticalfunk

    Frankenhooker (1990)

    I thought about this movie because while I never saw it, I remember that every video store in the country had a copy of this and the display box that sat on the shelf would have a sound thing in it and if you pressed the button it would say "Wanna date?" I always wanted to see it, but I just remember that gimmick and there's a lot of nostalgia with that.
  3. theoreticalfunk

    UHF (1989)

    I know the forum is 'bad movie recommendations' but does HDTGM have to be about bad movies? Because I would genuinely like to know how this got made. Well let's be honest I own the DVD and Blu-Ray version and I've watched the commentary and listened to a lot of Al interviews but I think it still would be a magical show. It doesn't always have to be about snark and crappy movies. Let's do a good one!
  4. theoreticalfunk

    Young Einstein (1988)

    Bumping this again. It needs to happen.