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  1. Please do this movie... It's one of my favorite bad horror movies. I made so many friends watch it. Matthew McConaughey alone could be talked about for an hour. The relationship with his weird wife, the fight with his leg remote, amazing. It's just so amazingly bad. The ending is rediculous. This needs to happen, please.
  2. Sweetlife

    Alien Resurrection (1997)

    Yes please do this movie.
  3. Directed by Rob Zombie... Garbage garbage movie, I was so mad to waste time on this. The people in the woods?? Please do this one.
  4. Sweetlife

    The Village (2004)

    M. Night Shyamalan... I looked and didn't see this posted yet, which was a surprise, my apologies if I missed it. This is the one that killed Shyamalan for me. I was so angry about it. Watching this, about 20 minutes in I think, okay their seeing this up to be something, but that can't possibly be what's going on. It better not be how this goes, there will be a twist... No twist! The twist us exctly what it seemed to be, which was garbage and infuriating. How did anyone think this was a good movie? Everything is went with this movie. I want to laugh as it's ripped apart. Please.
  5. Sweetlife

    Death Race 2000 (1975)

    Please do this movie... I 2nd this request. I love this movie, it is so fabulously awful. Sylvester's terrible attitude towards women, and generally throughout the movie. Over done announcer, cheesy crashes, it's cartoonishly amazing.