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  1. Oktoberfest-beers make my boner best, here!---JAAAAAAZZ
  2. JazzWitherspoon

    Episode 332 - David Sedaris, Our Storytelling Friend

    Probably up there in or around their top ten episodes ever, along with the Tom Scharpling episodes.
  3. JazzWitherspoon

    Episode 320 - Felicia Day, Our Close Friend

    Sean's criticism about people testifying about the real world on Twitter broke my heart.
  4. JazzWitherspoon

    Episode 300 - Moshe Kasher, Our Comic-Con Friend

    If it helps, "The Big Apple Bible" and the original Moshe Kasher Comic-con episode, both of which have 'dem boys weaving a story while laughing at themselves, and relishing friendship, is how I fell in love with Hollywood Handbook. You guys make me so happy, that I cannot express it adequately. I Just signed up as a patreon of The Flagrant Ones, in support of y'all, and because of your boost to James Adomian's new podcast.
  5. JazzWitherspoon

    Episode 299 - Natalie Morales, Our Storytelling Friend

    Agreed. More often than not they are what brightens my day,
  6. JazzWitherspoon

    Advice Needed

    "I mightas well be drinking rotten grapes that have been stomped on by poorly paid immigrants with even mo' po' podiatrists and/or pedicure girls." This breaks my heart a little... "Pure and purerer, I am the Scott who is sure and sure and surrey I am going to kill spell check before this end credit sequence puts on sequins and ends this movie: THE RIDE THE COUPON THE REFERENCE THE MISTER THE SHOW:" Thank you. Also, I loved Ghosted.
  7. JazzWitherspoon

    first time caller

    Share Earwolf Podcasts with your family?
  8. JazzWitherspoon

    Episode 299 - Natalie Morales, Our Storytelling Friend

    If Natalie Morales dislikes free speech so much, she should probably avoid throwing around slander... ...or am I misunderstanding her generalizing of Joe Rogan having 'racist' people on his show? Edit: Don't misunderstand. Natalie is very charming, which makes it all the more off-putting when she (or others) make accusations akin to people who would call humans 'illegal.' She is casting a wide net over Joe Rogan and using 'racist' as a pejorative to write off a group of people as invalid in their existence, because she doesn't seem to like the color of their words...
  9. JazzWitherspoon

    Episode 290 - James Adomian, Our Close Friend

    "It was Emma..." "...Smoky..." Smoky...Binanu(?)...and King Koopa..." Episode 79 - Teaser Freezer: Bottom of the 9th If the opportunity never comes up to shake y'alls hands in person, this means the world.
  10. JazzWitherspoon

    Advice Needed

    I still haven't gotten sick of The Big Apple Bible, so....
  11. JazzWitherspoon

    Episode 293 - Alyssa Limperis, Our Moms Friend

    Dem boys have the guts to talk politics. Why not work with Limperis and/or Adomian on something?
  12. JazzWitherspoon

    Episode 297 - Tom Scharpling, Our Returning Friend

    Scharpling never fails to crack me up, even if he is in league to try and take Sean out, sometimes.
  13. JazzWitherspoon

    Episode 290 - James Adomian, Our Close Friend

    I have been trying to express gratitude where it is most poignant for me, and seems most needed. I hope this can reach Sean and Hayes at some point, but I went through a 'give-up-on-life' depression that (still) does not seem that long ago (about a year ago), that podcasts pulled me out of. Much more emphatically, Hollywood Handbook's Sean Clements, Hayes Davenport, Tom Scharpling, and even Engineers Brett Morris and Chef Kevin, (more recently - Engineer Jordan) -- by way of Comedy Bang! Bang! --pulled me out of that depression. It breaks my heart to recently hear episodes where they are *still jokingly* trying to come up with a way to 'salvage' their show. Their impact on my life has been invaluable. I would not ask them to continue a show they don't seem to like anymore, but I hope they find something they do like, because they have become my favorite active comedians. For completeness sake: I thoroughly enjoy Scott Aukerman and Comedy Bang Bang. I love him all the more for introducing me to and trying to help (for a time) 'dem flagrant boys. And THANK YOU SO MUCH Sean and Hayes for highlighting James Adomian's new podcast!
  14. JazzWitherspoon

    Episode 546 - 69 Show Pitches

    "Pussycat Dolls are goo-goo for the Goo Goo Dolls, doll" Even though I now know they stole all this from Engineer Brett, perhaps they should revisit this one.
  15. Despite Scootie Cutie Hayes, Hollywood Handbook's Numbers are Days-ed (Days are numbered?...hmmm...)