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  1. TrueBrapKino

    Red Riding Hood (2011)

    Red Riding Hood is a bizarre version of little red riding hood with a talking werewolf and a complicated family tree, and all the supernatural drama you might expect from a modern take on a fairy tale. Please watch this movie, if for no reason other than the first time you hear the wolf talk.
  2. TrueBrapKino

    The Box (2009)

    The Box is one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen, and it caught me totally off guard. I thought for sure it would be at least decent but the whole time I was wasting my time. Lots of questions to ask, lots of what the fuck moments- good rec for hdtgm !
  3. TrueBrapKino

    Swordfish (2001)

    Fantastic pic for hdtgm. I grew up thinking this was a smart sexy sophisticated crime thriller. Then I actually saw it. What the fuck indeed.
  4. TrueBrapKino

    The Village (2004)

    Yeah, I think The Happening is actually the most laughable. Mark walberg as a teacher? Killer trees? That’s classic hdtgm material.
  5. TrueBrapKino

    Robotrix (1991)

    I didn't see it on the forum at all and I used the search option to double check. It's a movie about robots that look like humans. One goes rogue and kidnaps this sheik's son and basically kills a bunch of people. There is a lot of robo-karate and explosives, and I should warn anyone that looks it up, there are 2 instances of robosexual violence that might turn you off to the whole movie. To counterbalance that there is a robot/human love story that hilariously ends so abruptly. There are cool outfits and an unbelievably unprofessional police force. Totally weird movie.