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  1. And if you feel like covering Prince would be a daunting task, I would concentrate on his first nine albums.  For the people that like to say Prince put out a ton of garbage, I say, "Just listen to his first nine albums."  Compare it to The Beatles run in the sixties.  And then remember that Prince is one dude writing all these songs.  It ends with his Abbey Road, Sign 'O The Times.  Purple Rain is his Sgt. Pepper's. 1999 is his Revolver. I'll stop.  This is getting into Adam Scott's Mr. Richards tirade territory.  

  2. 1.  A U2 vs. R.E.M. episode.  I assume Scott will be pro U2 and we know where Adam is so should be good.  I love both but come on it's R.E.M.  

    2.  An episode where Adam and Scott discuss bands inspired by R.E.M. Pavement, Radiohead (mostly lyrically), Matthew Sweet, and there's a thousand other bands.  

    3.  An episode on the musicians that inspired R.E.M.  The Byrds.  Patti Smith.  Television.

    4.  A list of bands you could choose to do next:

    Talking Heads (You both mentioned your admiration for them.  And you're going to the David Byrne show.  It'd be a great first episode.)

    Radiohead (It's inevitable.  They're the elephant in the room.  The band that took the mantle of best band from both U2 and R.E.M. in 1995 and never let it go.  Plus Radiohead seems to irritate Adam and would love to hear why.  Or maybe he'd be a convert which would also be great.  Just be cool to hear Adam with a band he's not an absolute fanboy of.  Plus Radiohead fans are obsessive and would probably send you hilarious hate mail.  

    Some other ones: The Smiths.  Vampire Weekend (they have a new album coming out so that'd be something nice to build up to), Prince (the comedy that would come out of you simply reciting his lyrics would have me on the floor laughing), The Pixies, Pavement, Wilco, Michael Jackson (only had six solo albums it'd be a quick, and again think about the comedy opportunities) PJ Harvey, Blur, Echo & the Bunnymen, Sleater-Kinney, Bob Dylan, Beatles, Stones, Bowie (I don't care what you do as long as you never stop.)


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