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  1. Well by that logic you could say that HDTGM is a rip off of Red Letter Media. There are several podcasts about bad movies, there’s room for everyone, if one doesn’t appeal to people it will go away.
  2. DamnedWoman

    Star Kid (1997)

    Whoops sorry, I searched for the movie title in the forum and it didn't come up. Anyway, obviously one more vote for Star Kid.
  3. DamnedWoman

    Star Kid (1997)

    Kid finds a meteor at the dump, luckily it’s full of child sized space suit. Watch if only for the nearly half hour scene of Star Kid frantically trying to figure out how to pee in his stolen suit. Also: do we accept the spelling “cyborsuit” in the tagline? https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0120478/
  4. On IMDb as Harlequin, but on Amazon Prime as Dark Forces. A “modern” Australian retelling of the Rasputin story starring Dildano from Barbarella and a magical super dweeb faith healer that gets women instantly moist. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0080842/
  5. DamnedWoman

    Hunk (1987)

    I came here to say this too! One more vote, guaranteed no disappointment.