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  1. mrgreen

    Lone Wolf McQuade (1983)

    Bump. This has extraordinary potential as a HDTGM flick. It ticks so many boxes. It also occurs to me that HDTGM hasn't really covered the 80s obsession with country neo-western nonsense. (This makes Roadhouse look cosmopolitan.)
  2. mrgreen

    Kuffs (1992)

    Bump. I can't help thinking this would make a great HDTGM episode with a mix of both admiration (over old crushes) and absolute befuddlement.
  3. mrgreen

    Every Which Way But Loose (1978)

    Bump. I am imagining Jason repeatedly saying, "What is HAPPENING."
  4. mrgreen

    Stone Cold (1991)

    BUMP. I would love to hear what Paul, June, and Jason make of this.
  5. mrgreen

    American Anthem (1986)

    I feel like June would really enjoy this. For that reason alone, Bump.
  6. mrgreen

    Megaforce (1982)

    Bump. Please do this one. This would be an epic live episode.
  7. mrgreen

    Mission: Impossible 2 (2000)

    I think this would be an excellent HDTGM selection -- a bizarro entry in an otherwise really solid franchise.
  8. mrgreen

    The Ice Pirates (1984)

    BUMP. I don't know if this is awful or brilliant. But I know I watched it approximately 30 times when I was a kid.
  9. mrgreen

    Ricochet (1991)

    Have to bump this. Excellent fit for HDTGM. Lithgow as a villian plus Kevin Pollak showing up just to do Shatner.
  10. This movie was practically made for a podcast like HDTGM. Please consider.
  11. mrgreen

    My Demon Lover (1987)

    This movie popped into my head the other day while listening to the Look Who's Talking Now ep. This would be a great choice.
  12. mrgreen

    The Squeeze (1987)

    This would be an excellent choice. I watched this repeatedly when I was a kid, and in retrospect I'm sure it was terrible.
  13. mrgreen

    Addicted To Love (1997)

    Ohmygodyes. A romantic (?) comedy (?) about...stalking? Totally worth a HDTGM episode.