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    Girl (1998)

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    Girl (1998)

    You're gonna love it.
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    Girl (1998)

    The story of a girl who gets into Brown University and decides life is better being banged out by rockstars in a port-a-potty, Girl is the 1998 movie jam-packed with stars who would rather pretend this movie never happened. We just watched it and HOLY SHIT, this is as HDTGM as it gets. Trailer: Tag line: A straight-A teen explores Portland's rock scene. June will have lots of problems with this movie. Important questions include: -Why is Dominique Swain so bad at crying? -Is there a teleportation device from her bedroom to a portapotty? -Why did Adam Scott want to be in a movie where his sole function is jerking off on a sleeping Dominique Swain? -Do parents really use a banana and condom to teach kids about sex? -How profound is a suicide note that just says "Reality."? -What is going on with Tara Reid's eyebrows? -And when Tara Reid got a record deal, why did she dye her hair brown and start wearing pant suits? -Do teens dream of being in bands with their septuagenarian parents? -Is Sean Patrick Flannery fucking his sister Portia Di Rossi? -Is an awkward lesbian kiss the best way to end a movie? -Is butt rock a real thing? (Answer: yes). But the other reason this is a must HDTGM is the insanely successful cast: Dominique Swain, Tara Reid, The older brother from Malcolm and the Middle, Stan Rizzo from Mad Men, Portia Di Rossi, Sean Patrick Flannery, Selma Blair, River Phoenix's sister, and Biff from Back to the Future playing a Bouncer, Rosemary Forsyth, James Karen, Adam Scott, and Clea Duvall. This movie is a ridiculous presentation of grunge rock and 90s fashion in must see form and the perfect HDTGM movie.