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  1. Dearest Mz. Listler,

    I'm surprised you don't have a high tolerance for ants already - surely when in service as a sniper you've had them find you and had to remain motionless for hours despite them crawling on every surface of your body.  Perhaps even in your kangaroo pockets.  Is everything OK?  Your training seems to be slipping, and we worry about you.

    As to things ants can do which benefit mankind:

    Ants aerate the soil, increasing crop yields.  They can be as helpful as earthworms in this regard.

    Ants clean up.  A lot.  They get rid of dead bugs to an extent hardly imaginable.  To speak nothing of half-eaten macaroons.  The Marina del Rey parks would be covered over if there weren't such scavengers, even if they're not doing it "for you".  And as a bonus, what they clean up turns into fertilizer, making your grass bed more lush.

    Ants are also predators and kill many other bugs, many of which are more harmful to us.  They'll B.A Barracus bugs hundreds of times their size back to their nest to feed the colony.

    Ants don't owe you anything.  You decided to sleep on their ground, and they will take advantage of anything there.  They've been around for about 30 million years longer than us, and will probably be around after we're long gone.  You should make peace with them - they're not going anywhere.  

    I expect that they were just looking for moisture when climbing on your face, not knowing that you don't cry from your eyes.  Unless you do when you sleep?

    #authentic #turnaround