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  1. A Model, Idiot

    Episode 21 - Nicole Byer

    I’m starting to get tired of earwolf pushing the “Nicole Byer is funny” agenda. I don’t care if you’re male or female, if you have to rely on penis jokes to be funny, were you ever really funny in the first place? I do find it confusing to hear her talk about hearing misogynistic comedians, and then modeling her own comedy after that kind of humor. I guess some people find her funny and I can’t fault you for that if you do, I just know there are plenty of funny female comedians out there that don’t rely on the penis schtick. (Haha I said penis schtick)
  2. First off, I love everything Conan has done, I’ve watched him since the mid 90s and probably enjoyed his writing prior to that. In fact, I think much of my own comedy is modeled after his. This episode, however was hard to listen to. I agree with the previous assessment that he took over the interview. I think, despite Conan joking about it, he really is uncomfortable with their brand of comedy, quickly saw the interview getting out of hand and took control by doing all the talking, cutting them off, and repeated name dropping. Even on CBB I’m not a huge fan of these two because they can be attention whores, but this episode was just a total and fundamental mismatch.
  3. Paul, thank you so much for 200 episodes of hilarity. I’m sad to say goodbye but whatever you do next, I’m sure it will be amazing. You have the podcast Midas touch. I’ve loved your comedy for years and years, thank you for all the laughs. Also I would totally eat at Tawny’s horsteraunt.
  4. A Model, Idiot

    Episode 574 - That Dazzles Me Already

    How do you not jump straight to “Deuce Ventura”?
  5. A Model, Idiot

    Episode 567 - Midnight Junket

    I was talking in a random Russian accent for the rest of the day after hearing this
  6. Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. Now can you point to this doll where he touched you?
  7. A Model, Idiot

    Episode 565 - C’mon Bake Bake

    I never put metal shavings in my dishes because they can be real Gum Cutters. Really surprised nobody made that joke.