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  1. Kothel

    Episode 233 — Space Jam LIVE!

    Okay a few things about the episode. 1. When Paul said they stole the players souls and not their talent because of Charles Barkley walking into a wall, I think he got that idea from the episode of the SImpsons where Bart sells his soul and the doors don't open for him. Could be wrong, but that's why when he said stole their soul, I was like "Oh yeah. Makes sense because of Bart Simpson." Also, Jason's been on a real tear lately about souls not existing. I think it is weird that he can suspend his belief for so many things but seems to feel if a soul exists in a movie it must be pointed out that they do not exist. Nothing I love thinking about better during a comedy podcast than the finality of death and the pointlessness of life. I'm tuning in to forgot the likelihood of those things, Zooks! Jeez. 2. Somebody else pointed out the racist undertones of Bugs Bunny talking to Michael Jordan about slavery. Agreed. But even more racist was everything Foghorn Leghorn did. I know he's supposed to be an old Southern gent, but is it really necessary to have him sing the first line of Dixie, the anthem of the Confederacy? Who's that joke for? Young Richard Spencer? Also, I know one of his catchphrases is to say "boy" repeatedly. But if I'm making a movie with a black athlete, I'm not going to have a cartoon rooster hold a sign at him that says "I say 10, boy." If you need to know why that's problematic, ask Michael Evans in Good Times. https://mademoiselleclipon.tumblr.com/post/142445173366/good-times 3. As for the "Jam" party of space jam, Paul was right that "jamming' is synonymous with a slam dunk. In addition to NBA Jam, there was also Charles Barkley's Shut up and Jam (best game ever!). And in the early 80's, you had the University of Houston teams known as "Phi Slama Jama" featuring future NBA legends Hakeem "the Dream" Olajuwon and Clyde "the Glide" Drexler. 4. I did not remember how bad this movie was. But as a Knicks fan, it was pleasant to remember a time where we were good. Patrick Ewing, Charles Oakley, Derek Harper. And Larry Johnson was on Charlotte on that point, but I'll always remember him as a Knick. BTW, I thought he was better than all the other basketball players at acting. Probably all that experience playing Grandmama.
  2. Totally agree. I was coming here to say almost exactly this. Remember that while drinking during prohibition was harmless (except to one's own liver), bootlegging was an extremely violent industry. Prohibition created a lot more problems than it solved. Daniel was involved with people who were willing to kill anyone who quit. And this is very clearly a world where Heaven exists. That seems to be where Lily is headed at the end (unless it's to be reincarnated somewhere, but the implication seemed to clearly be that she and Daniel would be together for eternity). I also wanted to add to the hosts trashing of Molly, the tavern owner/innkeeper love interest. Daniel says he's the best bartender around, and then something like, "Come here tonight and you can test the veracity of my claim." And she says, "Well I don't know what you're talking about, but I'll come tonight." The only tough word there is veracity. I'm 37 and if an age appropriate lady told me on a date that she didn't know the word veracity, I would walk out. How do you make it to middle-age and never hear the word veracity? Maybe I'm a vocab snob but total turnoff. Lastly, the names they chose for the two brothers, Patrick and Daniel, were the two most common names for Irish men near that period. (To test the veracity of my claim, simply listen to the song "No Irish Need Apply" where the singer says "Some may think it a misfortune to be christened Pat or Dan, but to me it is an honor to be born an Irish man"). I thought it was weird to make one sound French-Canadian and the other really WASP-y.
  3. Kothel

    Midsommar (2019)

    Well obviously the Swedish friend was from the community! He was explaining all the circumstances. He said it like a million times. That makes it seem like I didn't actually watch the movie. I'm positing a theory. I think the main girl was one of many women put out into the society at a very young age only to be brought back for the ritual. Like some kind of reverse rumspringa. I don't think there's anyway she could speak the language that fluently after like six days. She also bought into the system too fast. Maybe the drugs are an explanation, but I like my theory better. I also don't think her "sister" killed herself. I think the community did that to disorient her and create the right circumstances for her to be Queen of Summer or whatever it was. I'm not saying I'm right, I'm just saying I think that makes it more interesting.
  4. I was at the show and my friend and I felt there was one major omission. When Tommy and Megan knock on the Sheriff's Door, HE SHOOTS THROUGH THE DOOR WITHOUT WARNING! Unless we are both remembering wrong, the Sheriff is unaware of Jason as a threat. Which means that is just how he answers the door. How many doors does that Sheriff go through in a year? I just did the math on an inflation website. The average door today costs between 75 and 125 bucks. That would be between $33.53 and $55.89. If his door is shot out everyday, he's out between $12,000 and $20,000 a year. I laughed so hard at that and was shocked it didn't come up. Even if Jason had been a threat, you still want to make sure it isn't your daughter, who stops by frequently. Also, I didn't catch this at the live show, but Paul said if they had focused on the whacky kids more, it would have been like Salute Your Shorts with a killer. Salute Your Shorts DID have an episode with a murderer. His name was Zeke the Plumber. I don't remember the legend behind him; but he's like a combo of Freddie and Jason. He has a creepy mask, but makes wisecracks and I think visits the campers in his dreams. Correct me if I'm wrong fellow SOS fans.
  5. Kothel

    Midsommar (2019)

    I agree. I don't think this movie is bad enough to do on the podcast, but it's definitely just a ripoff of movies like The Wicker Man. I think there's actually a lot of interesting things to discuss (the girlfriend character was from this community, right? That's why she speaks Swedish at the end?) But, I felt the same way about hereditary. I laughed my ass off when the head flew off. I did get scared by the end, but I was also like, "isn't this just Rosemary's baby, with a slightly older child and more willing adult?"
  6. Kothel

    Event Horizon (1997)

    I wonder if it's popular in Italian cinema because of that Saint (can't remember which one. Lucy? Cecilia?) who rips her eyes out so she'll never have to get married? Freaked me out badly. Glad I'm not the only one. I LOVE does the dog die so that I am at least prepared for the death of a dog, but I didn't know they could prepare me for this kind of thing. Thanks! Sorry it took me three months to acknowledge this.
  7. I know it is too late to reply to this topic and get it on air, but did anyone else consider the "Voice" is a member of the Trump Family? The name of the disease they picked to wipe out everyone they don't like (including brown people from Samoa) is SNOWFLAKE?! In the movie, Statham and the Rock represent the "Hollywood, liberal" elite of the CIA (the deep state?) who would be happy to see the Trump presidency go down! I really won't try to make this political, but what if the Rock is trying to mount a Republican primary challenge, and he's starting with this movie?! (). Could be right? Particularly when you consider that Hobbes and Locke (Rock and Ryan Reynolds) are the names of the two philosophers who developed the Social Contact, which says that if the government is not protecting your rights, you as the people have the right to alter or abolish it...
  8. Kothel

    Episode 224: Starcrash: LIVE!

    FYI I laughed really hard at the idea of Space Jean Valjean. Maybe I'm crazy, but I don't think the connection is to Guardians of the Galaxy, I think Starcrash is a prequel to The Greatest American Hero. School Teacher, Ralph Hinkley (later changed to Hanley because of John Hinkley Jr.'s attempt on Ronald Reagan's life) gets a red and black suit with a crazy amount of powers. But he doesn't have the manual so he doesn't know every power. Still, check out the link that allegedly attached. Mr. H bears a striking resemblance to Acton/Akron or whatever his name is. Both are curly-haired blondes in red and black costumes. I think the aliens who come down in the pilot of Greatest American Hero were inspired by Acton's unlimited powers and gave Mr. H the suit so he could do more good on earth. I'm also pretty sure Stephen J. Cannell was watching Starcrash when he got the idea for one of the most out there American TV shows of the last 40 years. Also, am I the only one who thinks George Lucas was like, "you know what, there was not enough skin in Star Wars. We're almost done with Empire, but when we get to Return of the Jedi I'm going gold bikini over black. Instead of taking a gorgeous woman and making her look like she's wearing a diaper, we're going to take a gorgeous woman and make her look great. It'll be Halloween costume for years to come." Who knows? Pics of Greatest American Hero
  9. Kothel

    Mad Max Trilogy

    Too good. Doesn't belong on this podcast. Well, at least Mad Max and The Road Warrior. Beyond Thunderdome is up for grabs.
  10. Kothel

    John Carter (2012)

    Totally agree. A solid movie that most people never saw. It isn't The Godfather, but it isn't terrible either.
  11. Kothel

    Home Alone (1990)

    Disagree. One of the best movies of all time.
  12. Kothel

    Godspell (1973)

    I agree Godspell is embarrassingly stupid, but I think people like the music.
  13. OOH! Great choice! Care-a-lot! We care a lot!
  14. Yup! Needs to be done. Jason even alludes to it in one of the episodes. I can't remember which one, but he says something about "Give my brother back his bike" but can't remember the movie. I love it, and the theme song kicks ass, but it's totally ridiculous.
  15. Kothel

    BASEketball (1998)

    Huh. I think it totally holds up. Super dumb, but funny.