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  1. We are a small website that tries to educate people on podcasts with articles that will help them to start and grow their personal or business podcast. Currently, we have a number of good articles already published on the webpage that receive a great number of visitors mainly from organic search. The main goal of the website and company is to provide a service to companies that are good at creating written content and would like to start podcasting. The service that we are offering is converting the blog to a podcast. We are looking to expand our team (virtually, I am based in Slovenia, Europe) with two new positions: - Junior audio editor The work that we do is mainly transforming blog posts to audio files, and that means that we need a lot of basic audio editing. Beginning, end, adding intros and outros, sound levels and cleaning up the audio. We already have someone that works with us to do the nitty-gritty audio editing, but now we need someone to pre-process all the audio. We have our website set-up at https://www.iamapodcaster.com You need to: Be available to work 15-20 hours weekly A love for audio Basic knowledge of audio editing software Basic knowledge of podcasts and their place in the world - Part-time content creator I would like to expand the articles on the webpage in the quality and quantity. You need to be able to produce high-quality content that will educate and inform about podcasts. You also need to know how to generate content that will rank in Google (basic keyword research and on-site SEO, nothing else). You need to: Be available to work 20 - 25 hours weekly Have a great knowledge of the English language Basic knowledge of podcasting and audio More information and the application form at https://iamapodcaster.com/careers/