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  1. I've found this podcast via "Unspooled," which I found via "How Did This Get Made?" After listening to about two dozen episodes I have some suggestions: * The 1994 film "To Live" vs. 2006's "The Lives of Others," both brilliant movies about the lives of ordinary people under 20th-century Communist dictatorships, and two of the best non-English films I've ever seen; * Scorsese's quite recent and largely ignored passion project "Silence" vs. Roland Joffé's 1986 comparable period piece "The Mission," both outstanding movies about Jesuit missionaries; * and, "Exodus," the masterpiece by Otto Preminger, which would be interesting to explore in light of how Israel's image has changed in the eyes of some since the movie's release in 1960 (a development subtly hinted at in Season 1 of "Mad Men," I'd argue). All worthy of serious consideration, and all potential fodder for a compelling discussion.