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  1. DrGuts1003

    Episode 257.5 - Minisode 257.5

    I’m not kidding when I say I could have listened to 8 more hours of their Blockbuster/laserdisc talk. So funny and interesting and so many parallels to my own experiences with video stores growing up. Paul should start a third podcast called Block Talk.
  2. DrGuts1003

    Episode 255. A Very Nutty Christmas

    You would think the military would have done a better job vetting the company they use to pick up the cookies or at the very least sent some of their own soldiers to go and pick them up. EDIT: Also, MJH would have had the 5K to pay the Mouse King, but she had to use that money to pay for all of those gift baskets she 'won'.
  3. DrGuts1003

    Episode 255. A Very Nutty Christmas

    To me, more unbelievable than a nutcracker doll coming to life was Kate's impromptu Christmas dinner. She invites all of her friends over on Christmas morning for a 1pm dinner and somehow they are all free and able to make it. Did none of them already have their own dinner plans for Christmas? Kate also mentions that she still needs to go and buy a turkey for the dinner. I am not sure where she is going to find a supermarket open on Christmas day that has a fresh turkey available to buy. Then she somehow manages to buy and get that turkey cooked in time for the 1pm dinner. There were at least 10 people there, so you figure a 15 to 20 pound turkey which would take 3.5 - 4.5 hours to cook. I have a feeling most of the people at that party ended up with Jessica St. Clair-level digestive issues from undercooked food.
  4. DrGuts1003

    Episode 254.5 - Minisode 254.5

    If anyone is interested, Lifetime is airing A Very Nutty Christmas at noon Eastern, this Wednesday, 12/16.
  5. DrGuts1003

    Ep 254 - Love’s Labour’s Lost

    This was the first of a three picture deal Branagh had with Miramax, but that deal was canceled after this movie got released. Clearly Branagh didn’t include enough inappropriate groping.
  6. DrGuts1003

    Ep 254 - Love’s Labour’s Lost

    Roger Ebert said in his review of this movie, “It's so escapist it escapes even from itself.” That’s pretty much how I felt about it, so there’s not really much to pick apart or examine with the film. However I did want to add one correction...when Paul was listing the films they’ve done that beat this at the box office, he included Godzilla. However Godzilla came out in 1998, not 2000.
  7. DrGuts1003

    Episode 253.5 - Minisode 253.5

    I’m hoping it’s a case of the show wanting to save better (worse?) movies for the show once they can do live shows in person again because this is another underwhelming pick. The movies being chosen lately all have a flat sameness to them. A bunch of insignificant movies that are focused on music and/or romance that never seem to have enough going on in them to really make fun of or pick apart. I mean, when was the last action movie covered on the show? Money Plane? Lately it’s felt a lot less like How Did This Get Made? and more Who Cares That This Got Made?
  8. DrGuts1003

    Episode 253. Cats

    Did I hear Paul say it was “jellicle cats and police dogs”? T.S. Elliot used the terms “Jellicle cats and Pollicle dogs”. He came up with these names because that’s what it sounded like when his niece kept trying to say "dear little cat" and "poor little dog".
  9. DrGuts1003

    Episode 252.5 - Minisode 252.5

    Jessica St. Clair better be joining them for these two movies.
  10. I especially want it if it’s a holiday movie and St. Clair is joining them
  11. Yeah, this movie really suffered from ADHD. At one point in the movie, within about a 30 second period the film goes from focusing on the love triangle between Kelly, Ozone, and the other girl, to the conflict between Ozone and Kelly over her leaving for Paris, to the conflict involving the rival dance gang. It’s like pick a plot and stick with it.
  12. Am I the only one who thought Believe in the Beat, the song played at the end of the movie is a complete ripoff (at least melodically) to What a Feeling? Every time that song started, I thought it was going to be What a Feeling. What’s interesting is that What a Feeling was a prominent song in Flashdance and it was the breakdancing scene in Flashdance that gave the Cannon Group the idea to make a movie centered around the dance form.
  13. DrGuts1003

    HDTGM All-Stars

    3 appearances: Lucinda Dickey - Grease 2, Ninja III Domination, Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo That is even more impressive considering Lucinda only had 6 total credits to her name on IMDB.
  14. DrGuts1003

    HDTGM and the Oscars

    Prince also has an Oscar for Purple Rain
  15. DrGuts1003

    Episode 248.5 — Minisode 248.5

    I hate being negative because I am grateful for all the wonderful hours of hilarious content that HDTGM gives me. And if I am the only one that feels this way, I will shut up about it, but...is anyone else bored and/or annoyed by the number of low-budget, no name movies that the show has been covering lately? To me, I get much greater satisfaction watching and mocking big budget movies that bomb hard. This is not to say that Paul, June and Jason can’t make a funny episode out of these straight to dvd movies, but I also want to look forward to watching the movie itself in the week prior and the choices lately have been underwhelming to say the least. At least Paul somewhat acknowledged this week that VelociPastor was a bad choice because you can’t really dissect a movie that tries to be in on the joke. Like I said, I may be alone in this, but I just wanted to express my frustration.
  16. DrGuts1003

    Episode 247 - 2:22 (Live in Portland)

    Is the "Millhurst" that they keep wanting to travel to a fictional town, or are they referring to Millhurst, New Jersey? If it's the town in New Jersey, then that is nowhere near Poughkeepsie, which is where they end up getting tickets for because the Millhurst train doesn't run anymore. In fact, doing a quick Google map search, Poughkeepsie is about 120 miles away from Millhurst. If someone was looking to go to Millhurst, surely the man at the ticket booth would give them tickets to somewhere closer to their desired location than that. Also, the ticket booth operator keeps saying that the Millhurst line hasn't run for 30 years. Are we to believe that the shooting incident in this film somehow led to the termination of the Millhurst line? What if Dylan, Sarah, and Jonas have been reincarnated multiple times and every time it ends with people who want to go to Millhurst shooting each other and they closed down the line believing it was cursed? Or maybe it is just a case of Grand Central realizing that the only people who would ever want to visit New Jersey are deeply troubled individuals.
  17. DrGuts1003

    Episode 247 - 2:22 (Live in Portland)

    I somewhat get Dylan’s ex-girlfriend trying to maintain their birthday gift tradition, but why does she buy him two tickets? Why waste the money on a ticket that will likely go to waste? And it also seems cruel because he’s naturally going to think that she wants to go with him. She couldn’t find a nicer way of telling him she’s moved on and has started dating someone else?
  18. DrGuts1003

    Episode 247 - 2:22 (Live in Portland)

    The episode does a great job of pointing out the large flaws of this movie, but there were several small things throughout the movie that really irked me. 1. I found the throwing away of the trays with the flight info to be incredibly wasteful. Why not throw out the paper with the flight info and just reuse the tray? 2. I was bothered by Teresa Palmer putting her ice cream cone inside the cup with Dylan's phone that was being used as the speaker. There is no way his phone or that speaker are not a complete sticky mess with melted ice cream. 3. Dylan ended every text message with "D." You are not sending letters or even email, you do not need to indicate who you are in every text message. What an unnecessary waste of time. 4. If Jonas does not intend to kill Teresa Palmer, then why does he bring a gun with him when they try to go away together for the weekend?
  19. DrGuts1003

    Episode 246 - Swordfish: LIVE!

    I know pre-9/11 airport security wasn’t as stringent as it is today, but how dumb do you have to be to leave your real passport easily found in your luggage? Is it possible the Finnish hacker wanted to get caught so he didn’t have to get involved with Travolta’s insane antics?
  20. DrGuts1003

    Episode 246 - Swordfish: LIVE!

    Swordfish, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, and The Fast and The Furious came out in three successive weekends in June of 2001, so that whole summer was “guns, car chases, explosions, and boobs”.
  21. DrGuts1003

    Episode 246 - Swordfish: LIVE!

    Yeah, I get trying to look like you mean business in order to make sure you get the money, but why not have the suit bombs be fakes? In fact, I briefly though that would be the case. When everyone was making such a big deal about getting the woman back inside the bank, I thought everyone would duck and cover only for nothing to happen. Having the bombs be real and for them to cause so much death and destruction really hurts the case that Travolta is actually the “good guy” Not only is someone from Psych in this movie, but so is Tim DeKay who played the FBI agent on White Collar. With all this representation from USA shows, we really needs Jason to make a ‘Characters Welcome’ reference in the episode.
  22. DrGuts1003

    Episode 246 - Swordfish: LIVE!

    Jackman was awfully fortunate that he got to see his daughter after school. She has clearly been waiting awhile for her mom. There’s no one else left at the school and she is to the point that she is contemplating calling a cab when he finally rolls up. If her mom had been responsible or if the porn king had a driver who had picked her up on time, Jackman would have arrived to an empty school. For someone so concerned with seeing his child, you would think he would be more prompt. Also did anyone else think that it was going to turn out that Travolta was the porn king his ex-wife was with?
  23. DrGuts1003

    Episode 246 - Swordfish: LIVE!

    What exactly would Travolta's plan have been if Jackman doesn't use the rocket launcher to blow up the helicopter? It seems like he is gambling a lot on the fact that this hacker will not only get the idea to use a rocket launcher, but will have good enough aim to hit the helicopter. Furthermore, what exactly does Travolta gain by faking his death? If he has the wealth to be such a Master of Disguise (btw, does Travolta use Energico?) then it doesn't seem like it would matter if he was alive or dead because no one would recognize him. And the fact that Jackman is still alive and now against Travolta means that Don Cheadle and the FBI would likely either ask or force Jackman to hack back in and get the money back that Travolta stole.
  24. An interview with the director of Money Plane, what does June do for fun, and more on this week’s episode. Paul offers up advice on the Help Line, goes through Corrections and Omissions for Money Plane, and Blake J. Harris interviews Andrew Lawrence (director of Money Plane). Plus, we announce our next movie. Believe or not, it’s finally happening...next week’s movie is Just a slight correction/addendum to what Paul said in the mini. This movie is currently streaming on Netflix. If you watch it on Amazon Prime, you will have to rent or buy it.
  25. DrGuts1003

    Episode 245.5 - Prequel to Episode 246

    I think it is a hacking device. Wasn’t the device originally used to put a false video image of the museum room where the painting was supposed to be on the monitor to deceive Manbun’s crew? They thought they were looking at a live feed of the museum when they weren’t? If Manbun had used the same device for some video trickery on The Rumble, that would have made sense. But that’s not how things were presented. As it is, I’m still not sure what purpose that device served to double cross Grouch.