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    Episode 571 - Rope Beats Rock

    I was hoping for a new Halloween episode too, but Gino on any episode is a win in my book.
  2. Roses are red, Violets are blue, I’m deathly allergic to flowers, someone please grab my EpiPen!
  3. ar_dizzle

    Help us with the CBB 2019 Calendar!!

    JereMay Piven Hey Nong May May.W. Stillwater All I have is May.
  4. ar_dizzle

    CBB Inktober Submissions

    Did anyone draw anything CBB related for Inktober. I got bored today and drew Cumberbatch County’s fan boat hero. https://twitter.com/ar_dizzle/status/1056994235851825152?s=21 *Have to post Twitter link because it won’t let me post the photo