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  1. DrBillPhil

    Episode 437 - Fart Face Fuckers 2

    Anyone have a link to this episode? Been wanting to play it again, I know it use to be a YouTube but I can't find it.
  2. DrBillPhil

    Thomas middleditch and horatio sanz

    Totally agree. I love when any of these guys are on the show and hopefully we get to hear them soon.
  3. DrBillPhil

    Looking for episode 598

    Does anyone have a way to hear this episode. I thought it was on youtube but I can find it. I love Tim Robinson and I remember liking this episode and wanted to hear it again. If anyone can help me I'd really appreciate it.
  4. DrBillPhil

    Tom Segura needs to be on CBB

    I feel like the comedian Tom Segura would be an amazing guest on CBB (if you haven't seen his stand up watch it on Netflix) especially with some good characters for him to interact with. He's one of my favorite comedians today and probably the only comedian I like that hasn't been on CBB which is of course my favorite podcast. Anyone else feel like this would be awesome? Also, what characters would people like to hear him meet?
  5. Does anyone remember an episode from a year or two ago in which Scott was doing an ad and he made up a song "I want a new mattress Santa" I thought of it the other day and it's been driving me crazy trying to remember what episode it was. I think it was probably near the holidays when it was released. Any help finding it would be much appreciated.