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  1. Recently got into the show and I love it. Am a huge comic book nerd and I know I'm late but I did want to comment on the comment about Starfire. What those racist monsters did to that actress is horrible and I really want to provide some context for the character from the comic book. Origin is she is an Alien who crashed on Earth and made out with Robin, from Batman, to "gain the knowledge and language of our planet." In the comic book community there is a big of a love triangle going on between her Batgirl and Robin. The fact they put her in a live action tv show is a risky move and I'm truly glad they decided to cast someone and not just CGI her. Her outfits have always been really revealing and she is normally completely clueless when it comes to social norms. Though she has always been independent and strong. I understand comic books are a very niche market but there are a lot of diverse authors and artist that work on comic books now a days. Please don't just give it to the racist. Thanks for making me laugh.