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    Surviving Christmas (2004)

    Just got to watch this for the first time last night (it's streaming on HBO if anyone is interested), and I'm not upset I did. Ben Affleck's character is pretty insufferable throughout, but James Gandolfini and Catherine O'Hara were both funny/entertaining enough to make the movie still watchable. All I could think about during the film was how great of an episode this would make, it has all of the criteria for some HDTGM treatment (some SPOILERS ahead):a stellar cast, ab ad executive protagonist, a slo-mo shot of Affleck stuffing his mouth with the last of Gandolfini's salami, an erotic photo shoot of O'Hara, a whopping 7% on Rotten Tomatoes, a flop at the box office, and a dvd release that came only 2 months after the film's debut. There's so much more that could be talked about this movie, but I'll leave that up to our hosts. I'm thinking this could make another great holiday episode, keep the bad Affleck Christmas train running!