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    Do The Right Thing

    They mention on the pod that the block where they shot this film looks largely the same. The block is now called "Do The Right Thing Way," and a friend of mine lived in Mother Sister's building. He is a young white guy and paid a lot in rent! There aren't many high rises there yet, but Bed Stuy is still rapidly gentrifying.
  2. sambrussell

    The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring

    I don’t understand why people always say that 48 fps doesn’t work because it’s “more realistic” or “too realistic.” It’s not! In real life our eyes blur motion. 24 frames per second is about accurate to what the human eye perceives. When you see a bike go down the street, you can’t see every spoke on the wheel. I’d argue higher frame rates look wrong not because they’re more “real” but because they’re “surreal.” Peter Jackson, Ang Lee, and James Cameron think high frame rate is more immersive…when it’s quite the opposite. But I think it can be a really interesting tool if it’s applied to something more intentionally hallucinogenic (like say, a movie like Speed Racer).