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  1. Not exclusively a tag line, Anytime is a great time to have fun with this versatile and nifty phrase! Kids love Latin.
  2. So, last night I accidentally took a huge debilitating bong rip, the likes of which I do not normally. So I'm in my freezing cold RV struggling to get my propane heater lit, all freaked out and scared and sad and cold, and I think I'm going to be cold forever, and I'm also convinced that my propane furnace is going to blow up because the manual it came with seems to indicate that is exactly what will happen to you if you try to install it yourself, which I did. I'm fumpling for the light on my phone and I accidentally hit a button and this episode resumes playing on the speaker in my car and your voices are just like a light in the darkness. I instantly feel heaps better and remember that i have warm boots and a 6 pack of stout in there so with new found courage I stumble out to the car, and I'm just leaning in when I hear "Ooh, this guy, there's no way, he's shaky as he walks, oh! he's leaning on the steering wheel!" at that point I'm leaning on the steering wheel and my head just like explodes, and at the same moment I hear y'all saying "Did you feel that? Like a weird...chill, Sort of a glitch!" and then i'm just like losing it, like i think i'm going mad, but I'm also just filled with utter joy and I make it back into my RV with y'all in one hand and a beer in the other and I proceed to laugh my fucking head off for the rest of the episode. Top notch stuff you guys, this was one for the ages.