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  1. Oh, wait a minute. I almost forgot to do this. Let me just ...Welcome to Comedy Bang Bang
  2. The taxis are yellow and the buildings are tall, there's nothing quite like New York in the fall.
  3. New York, New York - the city so nice they named it after a another one in England.
  4. Dr. Garbageman Esq.

    More oval teens, please! 

    More oval teens, please!
  5. Rin Tin Tin put his noodle in a poodle and now Lassie wants a divorce.
  6. Boobs are horns and balls are bells. This, TV has taught me.
  7. “I really think we should stick with the pun about that Jan-Michael Vincent helicopter show.”
  8. Somewhere on the Internet two cannibals are falling in love.
  9. Of course I stuff my bird feeder full of dead birds. How else will the other animals get enough birds to eat?
  10. The dog ate my homework and now it won't eat anything else. Please give us more homework or my dog will die.
  11. Tony the Tiger called this show pretty good.
  12. Dr. Garbageman Esq.

    In Jamaica everyday is mon day!

    In Jamaica everyday is mon day!
  13. Howdy doody and see ya diarrhea!
  14. Dearest PFT, My love for you can't in a song fit.