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  1. I will drink boba tea while I shoot this gun in the air. My name is Brandy Biggabu and I’m a sex addict
  2. Let’s do it together. Let’s stab Grimace
  3. The Cookie Monster has been Metooed
  4. My baby is going to be here for about a month and a half so I’m excited for you to be warm and happy
  5. Welcome to Grand Love, where 27 grandpas compete to win the love of one lucky gal. I’m your host Poop O’Donnell
  6. You are sentenced to death for being too cool
  7. I am the number one fan of Hoobastank yet here I am
  8. alfredosolisfuentes

    Thank you to Papa Roach

    Thank you to Papa Roach
  9. alfredosolisfuentes

    I will never play the Banjo!

    I will never play the Banjo!
  10. I like my babysitters like I like my eggs.
  11. alfredosolisfuentes

    I want to be buried alive

    I want to be buried alive
  12. You can lead a horse to water but that won’t bring back your mother, damn it! It’s time to let go.
  13. A good relationship is a lot like a penis. No further questions, your honor.
  14. alfredosolisfuentes

    Grimace must die

    Grimace must die
  15. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t buy me love
  16. Pearl Jam should have done the music for Space Jam and they should have changed their name to Space Jam for the movie and for the rest of their careers. And when Eddie Vedder dies his grave should just say Space Jam and nothing else.
  17. Maybe I don’t want to avoid the Noid, dad.
  18. The penis lawyer is going to be late
  19. I will murder Grimace with a machete
  20. Justice is blind and so am I. That’s why this room’s violently bright lighting does not bother me but it will drive a person with sight to insanity in a matter of minutes. This is how I win every case.
  21. You can sniff whatever you want just give me back my birth certificate. They are going to foreclose my house if I don’t show it to them today
  22. My favorite person to come back from getting canceled is Jesus
  23. I will not fat shame Grimace but I will cut his throat for he is a threat to the multiverse
  24. If you are listening to this, it’s already too late. Short shorts have gone out of style
  25. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I like to do things multiple times