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    Mean Girls

    So Amy, there is an isolated Island of Germans in the South Pacific (schadenfreude).
  2. Alexander Campbell

    The Wizard Of Oz

    Here I am writing this in December, but axtually listened to this episode when it was first released, and had this reply to write then, but for some reason did not. 2018 has been a year of personal change, personal growrh, and survival. I actually have recast Wizard of Oz in my head years ago using Earwolf people with the exception of Dorothy. Have created a new account tonight. Had an old one many years ago. Scarecrow: Scott Aukerman Tinman: Marc Evan Jackson Cowardly Lion: Chris Talman (had a 2nd choice, but have forgotten over time). Gary Anthomy Williams would also make a good one besides the actor I am forgetting. Glinda The Good Witch/Wicked Witch of the West: Lauren Lapkus in a dual role. Wizard of Oz: Paul F. Tompkins (He can be cast with his own personal wardrobe.)
  3. Alexander Campbell


    True Story: When I attended Columbia College in the mid-to-late 90s there was this black Woman (in her 50s?) who worked for the Chicago CTA on the El Train. One day (March or April 97), we got into a discussion, and I told her I was a film student. She told me out of the blue in a very passionate way that her Brother wrote Rocky, amd Sylvester Stallone stole it, and that she told anyone who would listen. She would say that Rocky is a Black man's story and only a black man could write it. My one regret was that I was taking a Documentary class at the time, and slept through making her (and a Brother a Doc subject. I have searched this story over the years, and did find something ocer 10 years ago with I beleive a photo of this man - but what is interesting is that over the years all record of this happening has been removed. BTW: I was the school film critic at the time (went by my nickname Sandy Campbell), and did get to see films with Siskel & Ebert when they were still alive, but that is a story for another time. Siskel died during this time frame, and all of the Film Reviewers felt guilty because they thought he had become lazy and stopped being a serious critic, and did not realize he was ill. I wanted to be a film critic when I was a teenage boy in Canada. Why am I not? Well, there is a story there. PS: When I google this now - I get Chuck Wepner crap who is white (that Rocky stole Wepner's story making it dofficult for Wepner to make his own movie.
  4. Alexander Campbell

    R.E.M. at the BBC

    Maybe my Crazy Ex Girlfriend is right, and I am Adam Scott's secret twin because I could not decide on a Top 10, but rather a Top 50 that culled from all of the albums. It is too hard to rank so I just put them in Top 10 clumps of 5. I tried to make it in order of my favorites from 1 to 50, but the songs shift around like sand. Fall On Me to It's The End of the World is my definite top 6. **Note to any REM Producer or Staff Member (assuming they still exist). If you put together another Greatest Hits Box set - go with this 50, but please for the love of God let Adam Scott Aukermab do the sequencing. Fall On Me (Life's Rich Pagent) World Leader Pretend (Green) Maps & Legends (Fables) Sweetness Follows (Automatic) Find The River (Automatic) It's The End of the World (Doc) Everybody Hurts (Automatic) Radio Free Europe (Murmur) Blue (Collapse Into Now) Ebow The Letter (New Adventures) Swan swan h (Life's Rich Pagent) Driver 8 (Fables) Good Advices (Fables) I Remember California (Green) Disturbance @ Heron House (Doc) Electrolite (New Adventures) Untitled (Green) West of the Fields (Murmur) The One I Love (Document) South Central Rain (Reckoning) Can't Get There From Here (Fables) Until the Day Is Done (Accelerate). Bang & Blame (Monster) Pilgramage (Murmur) Kohoutek (Fables) Get Up (Green) Moral Kiosk (Murmur) Undertow (New Adventures in Hi-Fi) Mr Richards (Accelerate) Finest Worksong (Document) King of the Birds (Document) Little America (Reckoning) Fretless (B-Side) Man On The Moon (Automatic) Talk About The Passion (Murmur) Nightswimming (Automatic) Welcome to the Occupation (Doc) Electron Blue (Around The Sun) Try Not To Breathe (Automatic) Time After Time (Reckoning) Sidewinder= Sleeps Tonite (Auto) I Beleive (Life's Rich Pagent) Chorus & The Ring (Reveal) Wolves, Lower (Chronic Town) Departure (New Adventures in Hi Fi) Let Me In (Monster) Stand (Green) Superman (Life's Rich Pagent) Walk It Back (Collapse Into Now) Strange Currencies (Monster)
  5. Alexander Campbell

    R.E.M. at the BBC

    I listened to every episode over 2018 which has been a dramatic life changing year for me personally - for one thing I am now living in Mexico. Started 2018 in Colorado - went back to Kentucky for the razy relationship, and ended back in Colorado living in the Mountains homeless for ahwile. If Earwolf/Stitcher/Midroll is hiring Canadian Citizens living in Mexico - will happy to send my resune: Marketing Professional with a Fil. Degree. Before I begin - wanted to mention that my crazy ex-girl friend at the beginning of the year (who was a Parks & Recs fan) said to me that I would be the closest she would ever get to Adam Scott because I reminded her so much of him. We do not look alike so maybe it is the genetic Scottish overall personality. We don't put up with BS which might explain why we are no longer a couple. Have been wamting to write this message since September. Here are my REM Album rankings. 1. Automatic For The People 2. Fables of the Reconstruction 3. Green 4. Document 5. Murmur 6. Life's Rich Pagent 7. Out of Time 8 Accelerate 9. Collapse Into Now 10. New Adventures In Hi-Fi 11. Reveal 12. Reckoning 13. UP 14. Monster 15. Chronic Town EP 16. Around The Sun My Song rankings are much higher. I know which songs are in my Top 20, but after months of racking my brain - srill do not know the order. Want to listen to them fresh tonight and compare, and see. I first heard REM as a kid living in Camada on the Radio or on Tv in 1987 with "One I Love" and "End of The World" as a close second. Howevwr I did not get into them - ironically until Green came out. I was rased in rural Canada, and my Dad bought the cheapest Dish thar had like only 3 or 4 channels - and one of them was Much Music. Much Music got me through my Teenage years, and what was so awesome regarding their music programmers was that they played as much of the early REM as equally often as they played the new videos from Green, Out of Time, and Automatic For The People. Huge REM fan - my favorite band as a teen, but I tuned out after Monster. Listened to New Advemtures & UP in the store afterwards (and evem though I loved Ebow - thought they were no longer the band I once new, and stopped listening. Very gratedul for this Podcast. I relistened to each album as it came out, and now have newfound musical appreciation for them and recognize them for the musical chameleons as they are. In fact, some songs Post Monster have made it into my top 20. I still do not like Monster, but now I recognize it as a misplaced muscial experiment to the Grunge/Alt scene, and not as them.having a crazy mid-life crisis. Will post later tonight on my Top 10-20 which has racked my brain for months because it is so diffcult to rank because they have so mant good songs