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  1. I caught this on a flight the other day and wow... just wow. It's AWFUL but in a cringey amusing way. The most glaring thing about it was definitely all the ridiculous gender roles and stereotypes here, especially when it comes to the female characters who are portrayed to be either batshit insane, desperate or both. It was only made 11 years ago, but we're truly living in a different era. I was shocked to learn a woman co-wrote the script. Other fun things: lack of any central character (there's about 10 that we have to keep track of), prevalence & importance of flip phones, and how much emphasis is put on phone calls in general the internet is referenced in a way that shows the writers clearly dont understand it ridiculous dialogue "man on the street" style 'interviews' with strangers yapping about their thoughts on dating thrown in randomly throughout the movie
  2. I just caught this for the first time on a flight. I was a child when it came out, and have always known about it, but never seen it. For some reason I was under the impression that this was a really serious and well-made romance/drama, but after about 5 minutes I realized that it's actually a weirdly absurd action thriller.
  3. itsjustme

    Armageddon (1998)

    bump, just saw this for the first time and it was SO over the top and SO fun! The only downside came later when I realized there was no episode of HDTGM to listen to, I was so sure this movie would have been done already.
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    The Mule (2018)

    I thought this movie was WILD, but mostly for the cultural aspect. You can tell it was really made for "Trump's America". That tire change scene
  5. itsjustme

    They Live (1988)

    this movie is GREAT! I don't think it deserves to be on the show.