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    Foodfight! (2012)

    Guys, please do Foodfight. The story behind this movie’s production process alone is enough to make another movie about it. The material in process was STOLEN in 2003 and then got stuck in limbo for ten years! I’m going to condense the absolutely bonkers plot to the elevator pitch, which is about a grocery store that becomes a playground for food brand mascots at nighttime. Charlie Sheen stars as Rex Dogtective (yeah, seriously) with Hilary Duff playing his love interest, Sunshine Goodness, and Wayne Brady in the most shamelessly racist animated character I’ve ever seen. The animation is terrifying, and even scarier is the blatant sexual innuendo and Nazi themes. If you google a picture of the evil villain “Brand X”, well, enough said. I’m just going to gloss over Charlie Sheen and Hilary Duff being love interests because I’d love to leave that to June. There is so much more, one thing in particular I just want to wait for you to see for yourselves. This movie is why this podcast needs to exist. It’s a gold mine. Please review this movie.