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    Request: Cover the Sight & Sound 50 Next?

    Sure, I'm all for them covering the AFI also-rans. But my feeling is that if Unspooled's mission to watch the all-time greats, the AFI list (or even a list of every American film ever made) barely scratches the surface. The BFI list isn't perfect, but I think it's much more representative of what cinema is — the podcast just doesn't seem complete without at least one dour movie from Sweden and a movie where a baby carriage goes down a flight of stairs.
  2. Amanda Schultz

    Request: Cover the Sight & Sound 50 Next?

    I recently discovered this podcast and was instantly hooked. I know we're just over 30% into the AFI list, but to paraphrase The Simpsons, I'm worried about the episode supply: after these 35 episodes, and the next 35 episodes, there's only 30 episodes left. So I already want to advocate for Unspooled to tackle the BFI Sight and Sound Top 50 next. For me, that's the definitive list of the greatest movies (at least much more than the AFI 100). It'd be great to hear Paul and Amy get into some international movies, and I'd be happy to donate a 50-sided die for the cause.
  3. Amanda Schultz

    It's A Wonderful Life

    Like Amy, I recently watched the colorized version, an experience that really highlighted something I didn't notice before: the bar in Pottersville has black people in it (correct me if I'm wrong, but I think "Italian" was as ethnic as it got in Bedford Falls). Which ultimately makes "It's a Wonderful Life" the heartwarming tale of a man who keeps his hometown all-white.