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    One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

    When they are talking about the opening and closing themes of the film, Amy and Paul talk about the haunting instrument that they believe is a theremin. It's actually a musical saw, which was played by a guy named Robert Armstrong, pictured below holding a saw and a vinyl copy of the soundtrack.
  2. man_of_size

    The Searchers

    Listening to Paul and Amy talk about the question of whether the kidnapped girl actually would be happier if she weren't "rescued" put me in mind of an excellent 2017 novel titled "News of the World," which is set in Texas in 1870 and tells the story of a an old man returning a girl who was taken and raised by the Kiowa to some distant relatives after the tribe is pressured to release her by the local Bureau of Indian Affairs agent. In the story, the girl very much wants to stay with the tribe, and in the foreword to the novel the author mentions that almost without exception, white children who were abducted and raised by Native American tribes actually did not want to return to their families, even in cases where they had been held by the tribe for pretty short periods of time (a few months). And just to strengthen the tie-in to the movies, I have read that "News of the World" is under development to be made into a film starring Tom Hanks (who is actually a bit young to play the old man in the story, who is in his 70's, but that is the subject for a future rabbit hole)