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  1. I'm SHOOK by how much praise Paul and Amy immediately heap on this movie!

    The spiritual life of Gone with the Wind is truly evil. It's a monster animated by racial hatred. It wants you to mourn the loss of this glamorous southern gentry, whose foundations are the totally unexplored - deliberately made invisible - crime of slavery. Without ever saying the "N" word, it is by leaps and bound the most racist and vociferous promoter of racism I have ever seen on film. To talk about this movie without front-loading a gigantic heaping portion of venomous SCORN for this truly awful, hate-filled, confederate propaganda is a huge disservice.

    I cannot believe Amy doesn't see this movie as promoting the confederacy. Mind blown. I'm 100% with Paul, Amy is off her rocker. She defends her position well, but I don't buy it.

    Yes, it's a beautiful epic - but no other film fits the description of lipstick on a pig so aptly. Gone with the Wind is a dressed up beautiful race crime of a movie. It does not deserve to be on the AFI 100 list any more than Birth of a Nation (shamefully still at 44 *Not true thanks for pointing this out!*).

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