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    Episode 581 - Thickest Oompa Loompa

    Corporate guys sense of humor ain't traditional yes and but I still thought everybody was hilarious
  2. Bobby Ricigliano

    Episode 580 - Legend of Mr. Met

    I thoroughly enjoyed this episode largely because Horatio, probably in his least inspired guest appearance, still delivers insanity that I could listen to all day. It’s pointless to jump on the bandwagon excreting upon the Closing the Plugs Bag theme song that Scott potentially loathes even more than we do, though my mother said she was proud of raising a son who stands up for such consequential issues. So here goes. What sort of perverse masochists positively reinforced Ben Schwartz' impulse toward un-ironic tenor bravado singing? A mess of a sentence, but I trust you can piece together the quadratic formula. If someone with 10x my (nonexistent) talent attempts improv comedy let alone musical improv comedy then ya still fall flat inevitably sometimes. This riff sounds like Stan Marsh getting old and hating all music (that's a shitty flatulence joke). The magnum opiss moment occurs when Horatio subconsciously undercuts the off off off off off off Broadway quality earnest theme with "let's get loaded" which cannot breathe before being violently assaulted by BS's heartfelt "let's get loaded!!!" Upon hearing that miscarriage of a moment, angels have discovered that their wings were a dream within a dream within a dream and never actually existed before plummeting into oblivion. Ben Schwartz is a treasure, at improv in particular, but please stop singing without even a hint of irony, or continue doing it in the privacy of your own water closet, just never on a comedy podcast. Jesus tittyflopping Christ, you are doing permanent damage to the small holes in the sides of our heads. Love and happiness, Mary Wollstonecraft Driftwood