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    211 (2018)

    Please do 211 staring Nick Cage. I know episode 211 of HDTGM is on the horizon, it's kismet. There is so much wrong with this movie, but if nothing else the central plot is: a team of rogue special forces guys is double crossed by some arms dealer(?) In Afghanistan, but they catch , the dealer trying to cross them and want him to cough up millions of dollars, which he actually agrees to pay. But then they say nah, F it we'll just kill him and go rob the bank in Connecticut that has his money...as though they'll just walk into some random tiny bank in small town Connecticut and say " give us all the money that you have on deposit from afgani arms dealers and some teller at that bank will be like "oh yeah, we keep the arms dealer money separate and in cash in the back, we've been expecting you.". It's a crazy movie from top to bottom great crazy Nick Cage role and just other crazy stuff as well, please please do this movie!!